The Most Searched for Celebrity Pets of 2020

An increasing number of celebrities have been sharing snaps of their furry friends on social media, receiving a flurry of media attention and causing a spike in Google searches. But who has the most popular pet?

Using Google search data, Matalan have looked at the four-legged friends of some of the biggest stars around, to see which pets we’ve been searching for the most throughout lockdown:

Taylor Swifts Cats – 979,200

Kylie Jenner’s Dogs – 206,520

Ariana Grande’s Dogs (and pig!) – 143,880

Paris Hilton’s Dogs – 79,680

Kendall Jenner’s Dogs – 72,000

Katy Perry’s Dog – 53,640

Henry Cavill’s Dog – 50,160

Ricky Gervais’ Cat – 41,760

Billie Eilish’s Dog – 40,080

Tom Hardy’s Dog – 38,400

Not only did they look at the most searched for celeb dog, but we also found out 1- of the most followed Celebrity Pets on Instagram:

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