Purrsday Poetry: The Morning’s Lecture

So, Langston Mughes, this was an ancestor

Way back in years photography was new.

The things that we don’t know now! How we view

The world so differently! Oh how things were!

She taught her daughters mewsic, you aver!

And how to rhyme and dance  and how she grew

So famous, and that fine hullaballoo:

She visited the Queen! And all concur.

She rousted rats that strove then to incur

Some harm upon the throne. Lord Romeow you

Lord Henry Hotspurr, each a knighted Sir,

Vow this historic moment did occur

Back in the “Good old days!” You’ve had a laugh!

You cats, for all these years, from morn to eve

You’ve meowed of this! And now we fools believe

The evidence! We’ve seen the photograph!

Author notes

Oh the things “our” cats tell us!

The photograph is courtesy of Pinterest.

© 2020 Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

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