Guest Star: Princess Yasmine

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Please find below a guest post by Shane about Princess Yasmine:

Princess Yasmine, my one year old dilute calico rescue cat from here in Cyprus. She loves to have her tummy rubbed and she rules the house! I’m simply her subject!

When I returned to Cyprus last summer (where I own a property) I found that community cats outside were starving and spent a lot of time dumpster diving. I haven’t lived with a cat since I was a child but I admire cats for their independence, cleanliness and cattitude. I couldn’t have them suffering, so I started feeding the cats twice per day. Soon, I had about 20 cats who were regulars. Last October, I started seeing kittens so knew that I needed to start a TNR programme. One of the kittens was particularly friendly. She wanted me to stroke her and pick her up. She selected me and just wanted to be close. She was definitely the alpha-kitten of her generation. I invited her inside and she has ruled the house ever since!

Good food has made her a strong, long and a very big cat! She is all muscle and loves to play. Each morning about 05:00, she visits the balcony of my bedroom where she can see her friends, the ‘outdoor kitties’, and she chats with them. I think she considers them to be her minions! Then, she jumps on my bed to waken me and remind me it’s time for the outdoor kitties to receive their food and water. Each morning, the twenty cats receive 2kg of dry food, and 24 packets of wet food plus a pan full of water — because it is hot here in the summer. She watches over me while I feed her friends. At night, they receive 12 packets of wet food and the occasional “treat” like the trays of raw fish that I put out when my freezer needed repair (picture provided).

Yasmine is a lovely and sweet cat. She selected me and was quite persistent. She’s been a great companion during the pandemic, as I work from home.

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