Is my Cat or Dog’s Weight a Big Deal? Free Webinars to Help You Keep Your Pet a Healthy Weight

Pet weight experts from Royal Canin and Royal Canin’s Weight Management Clinic at The University of Liverpool are hosting three webinars to help pet owners achieve a healthy weight for their cats and dogs. Each webinar will focus on a different aspect of pet weight management.

Whether your cat or dog has recently lost weight, gained weight, or you’re looking to make sure they stay as fit as possible, these webinars will help you to feel confident that you’re doing the right things to keep their weight healthy and stable. And a healthy weight for your cat or dog means a better quality of life and reduced risk of serious conditions associated with obesity.

The webinars will be presented by Georgia Woods RVN, CertCFVHNut, VTS (Nutrition) and Lindsay Calcraft, VN CertCFVHNut. Georgia is the clinic nurse at the Weight Management Clinic at the University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital. She has been dealing exclusively with obese pets and nutrition for the past five years. Lindsay is Royal Canin’s Weight Management Specialist.

Georgia Woods, said, “Pet obesity is on the rise, and with over half of all cats and dogs in the UK thought to be above their ideal weight, this is one of the biggest challenges our pets now face. Being above their ideal weight reduces a pet’s quality of life and can shorten life span. The good news is, that through careful monitoring of weight or weight loss, if needed, we can preserve an excellent quality of life for all”.

Part 1: Is my cat or dog’s weight healthy? – Tuesday 6th October at 7.30pm. How to recognise what a healthy weight looks and feels like.

Part 2: How can I help my cat or dog be a healthy weight? – Wednesday 7th October at 7.30pm. Practical advice for achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.

Part 3: What to do when things get tough – Thursday 8th October at 7.30pm. We all know the struggle is real so find out some useful hints and tips for getting through it.

Don’t miss out. To register for the free 20-minute webinars click on the links above. If you have a question for the speakers about your cat or dog’s weight, then email it to and Georgia and Lindsay will answer as many as they can during the webinars.

About Georgia Woods, RVN, CertCFVHNut, VTS (Nutrition)

Georgia qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2004 from Myerscough College, Preston UK. In 2010 Georgia was appointed as Head Nurse and clinical coach of a small animal practice in Cheshire. In June 2015, Georgia took the position of ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Clinic Nurse at the University of Liverpool, Small Animal Teaching Hospital, where she is now dealing exclusively with obesity and nutrition. Georgia gained her Certificate in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition in 2017 and the American Veterinary Technician Specialist in Nutrition Certificate in 2019.


About Lindsay Calcraft, VN CertCFVHNut

Lindsay qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2002 and worked in veterinary practice for 8 years, she joined Royal Canin ® in 2007. She is passionate about nutrition and passed the Certificate of Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition with distinction in 2017. She is currently the Royal Canin ® Weight Management Specialist.

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