The Friday Art Cat: Manny by Tara Shenker

Hi everyone,

Our latest entry in the Friday Art Cat section comes from Tara Shenker:

The artwork is of Manny as a three month old kitten. He is a playful character and trots like a fox. In this pose he has been captured observing objects on a desk. He loves to randomly push objects off the edge! It is a mixed media piece with watercolour, prismacolor pencils, white gouache and pen, A4 size on 10′ x14″ fine tooth paper. Manny is my cat, but I have done commissions for other people’s pets.

My name is Tara Shenker, I studied graphic design and illustration at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. I also work in helping to realign people’s energy fields. Much of my artwork reflects this magical unseen part of the world. My subject matter is nature based, focussing on animals and plants. My current work is primarily watercolour and mixed mediums. Every now and then I will have a dalliance with my old favourites: chalk pastels and acrylic paint on canvas. I have exhibited in Hamburg, Germany, and in Perth, Western Australia.

I can be found on Instagram @tara_shenker
and on Facebook @tarashenkerart

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