The Purrfect Bed and Carrier Combo

Hi everyone,

With the weather still being unusually warm for us at the moment, one of the big problems that those of us with outdoor cats are faced are the potential of bringing in flees! Now as we know cats LOVE to spend a majority of their day sleeping in their favourite bed… sadly not all beds can be cleaned easily and that is why we thought we’d look at what makes a great cat bed.

When researching the best bed for your cat ensure you take your cats preferences into consideration. Do they like to stretch out? Or do they prefer to curl up? This will make a huge difference as to how quickly they will gravitate towards their new bed.

Our purrsonal favourite comes from our Sponsor Sleepypod which is the mobile pet bed. Now you are probably wondering why we would suggest a mobile pet bed as our top choice? Well let’s have a look at it’s benefits and features!

First of all the mobile pet bed is lined with a comfy fleece material which doesn’t just make this bed super comfy and cosey but it’s also removable and machine-washable! This makes it purrfect to keep dirt, bacteria and flee free without the hassle of having to wash the entire bed or even worse constantly buying replacement beds. 😉

Secondly, the bed is big enough for even our rather long Rennie to curl up in comfortably. 🙂

But that is of course not just everything! How many of you all struggle to get your feline friend in their carrier for a trip to the vet? Yes, I know… it can be a fight. But what if it didn’t need to be a fight?

That’s right… if you get your cat used to the carrier it can be super easy! So what if your cat’s favourite place could be turned into a comfy carrier in seconds? That is exactly why we love the Sleepypod mobile pet bed so much! And with the current thread of yet another lockdown in the UK why not get your cat used to this comfy and easy to clean bed over the next few weeks.

And it’s of course not just us who recommends this bed but more importantly our little ones. 😉

Rennie simply loves to roll around in his bed, no matter where you place it.

Whether you choose to go with our recommendation is of course up to you but remember to pick a bed that can easily be cleaned!



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