A Wise Cat’s Guide to Quarantine

“Oh no. She just won’t stop this and lie down !

     At noon the monstrous vacuum cleaner roars.

     At two she starts to straighten out her drawers.

It drives us crazy ! Then she starts to frown !


She stares across the room (our hooman clown)

     Then shoves around the thing she most abhors …

     Whatever that is now. Oh how she bores

Us with this fuss. We wish she’d ride to town.


But no, it’s quarantine. This must be borne.

     She glares now at the kitchen pantry and

          Starts crazy cooking. Aslan ! Now what’s next ???!!!

Our whole loud house will smell of curried corn  !!!!!!!!!!

     She’s slipped in numskull’s never never land !!!

          Thank God for Amazon and our new text !”


Author’s Notes

The photograph is courtesy of Pinterest.

© 2020 Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

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