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Please find below some awesome details about the new virtual events from LondonCats and their virtual kitty-corner which is packed full with informative talks. 🙂

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Let’s face it, the world as we know it has forced businesses to think and act differently! With everything moving online and becoming virtual, LondonCats Worldwide too, has had to start thinking outside of the (litter) box!

Agile, innovative and as always, kitty-centered, LCWW took their well-known and beloved live shows into the virtual sphere in April. Designed to give people from all over the world the chance to compete and learn in a fun environment and from the comfort of their home, the Virtual Shows have proven a huge success!

In its third month with no signs of stopping, the show is open to all pedigree and non-pedigree cats worldwide, allowing them to compete in fun and fully judged classes. So if you think your cat is a superstar, now is their time to shine! Show the world and enter your cat into the June Virtual Show: for more information, click here.

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Do you think LondonCats stopped there? Of course not! LCWW is paw-leased to announce that they have just launched their brand new ‘Virtual Kitty Corner’, a one-of-a-kind interactive virtual event where you can peek into the feline fantasy world of pedigree and non-pedigree cat owners. Sounds purrfect right?

Join them live on Saturday 27th June and get up close and personal with your favourite breeds. Sit down inside the homes of breeders from across the world, get your burning questions answered in the Q&A section, plus much more cat related fun stuff! They are currently running an Early-Cat Price for just £10, so don’t miss out and reserve your virtual seat here!

For more information on LondonCats Worldwide’s paw-some virtual events, check out their website here or contact:

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