Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 307)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday!

If you’d like your cat to appear in our weekly column via not send them in via info@katzenworld.co.uk. Or just leave a comment with the link to the post / photo you’d like us to use.

Oliver says it’s a perfectly lazy day which means time for a tummy rub…! Sent in via email by Marylu

Ra is three. He and his sister, Bast were adopted age 8 months from a local “Clean Out the Shelters for Christmas” drive. You can’t see a tummy in the attached pictures because he likes to dig under the basket quilt to nap. Sent in via email by Martha

Bast is Ra’s sister also aged 3. She is named for the cat goddess because she is all the colors of cat. The fur children take turns with the basket beside my home office chair. She climbs in on top of Ra if he doesn’t share. Basket is large and of a height such that my left hand can continue to pet cat while keyboard and mouse used with right hand. Failure to serve can result in a cat-astropic cat on keyboard event. Sent in via email by Martha.

Reg an 11 month old Kurilian being a good big brother to his little puppy sister Lexi. Sent in via email by Martha.

Milo-‘he even falls asleep dreaming of tummy rubs!’ Sent in via email by Ella.

And in case you missed last week’s post click here to see the full list!

All you need to do is post a photo or photo story of your fur-friend on your own Blog and add your post link and photo into our Tummy Rub Tuesday post within our Forum.

Simply leave a comment on the post and attach the image you’d like to use. If you’ve got more than one image to use, make multiple comments! 🙂

Should you not have an own Blog you can participate by sending us an email with your photo to info@katzenworld.co.uk – just let us know what you would like to have listed as source!

And to make it fair your cat photos don’t have to be a tummy shot we do understand that not all cats like showing off their belly! So any fun photo story will be fine but tummy ones will be even better

And on next week’s #TRT we will be posting photos with links back to all you guys in the weekly Tummy Rub Tuesday post!!!

A big thank you to all participants from all of us here at Katzenworld.

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6 thoughts on “Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 307)

  1. Crystal says:

    Milo does have an inviting tummy to rub. He’s lucky to be among Butterflies slumbering—Just Adorable. Love all the fluffy tummies.

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