Purrsday Poetry: Get Your Butt Off My Face

Book Get Your Butt Off My Face

Book Get Your Butt Off My Face

Hi everyone,

The below entry to Purrsday Poetry comes the book “Get Your Butt Off My Face” by Rosa Silva

I close my eyes and start to dream,
then I just want to scream
because I see your butt everywhere,
even in my freaking nightmare!

I open my eyes and there’s your butt.
Why is that butt always up?
I love you, dear kitty, without a doubt,
but sometimes you make me want to shout.


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3 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Get Your Butt Off My Face

  1. zodiacimmortal says:

    LMAO :^D thank you for the smile. My Sully would always put her butt in my face…
    But then there are ‘butt cats’ and ones that will face you when you pet and cuddle them.

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