Make Your Own Cat Activity Centre

This one is inspired by my daughter and her Keetso Cat, Motsie, who she adopted in February. Motsie is not allowed outdoors and she does love to climb (a common breed trait). With that in mind, my daughter and her partner decided to build a custom-made cat activity centre.The Activity centre is designed around a door frame, meaning it does not take up any floor space, ideal for small sized apartments and houses. With a few pieces of wood, Motsie now has several extra climbing platforms and an additional hammock to sleep in, positioned at the top of the door frame. The project took just a few hours and the result is great, especially for the first attempt. The plan is to extend the shelves throughout the hallway.

Outdoor Adventures

Free access to the great outdoors might be off the cards, but that does not mean it has to stop entirely. Building a catio or erecting cat fencing is a great idea for those cats that just love nature. Everything you need is available from our shop and in some cases our team may be able to do the installation for you where social distancing is possible.

Cat containment systems such as these ensure that cats are no able to access other people, their homes or play with other animals in the area. They are restricted to the space you allocate, eliminating multiple risks to their health and wellbeing. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about DIY or installation. Our team are on hand to provide you with all the knowhow and equipment your bespoke cat containment system requires.

Instagram Famous

Combine your love of your cats with your love for photography and create their own Instagram profile. Cats are helping everyone stay happy during this troubling time. Share your cat’s lockdown life with the world, get to know other cats and cat lovers out in the big wide world, without leaving your home.

Working on an Instagram profile (or even a TikTok if you prefer film over photography) is a fun project that can bring joy to the masses. Remember to share your Instagram profiles with us too, we’d love to see them! You can find our profile by searching ProtectaPet on Instagram and find other profiles to follow using the hash tag.

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1 thoughts on “Make Your Own Cat Activity Centre

  1. maryltonks says:

    Great idea! I have 2 cat towers in my sun room, which has the space to hold them. Smaller spaces can be accommodated with an idea like this! Keeps kitty inside and safe! >^..^<

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