New App Offers Pet Owners Virtual Veterinary Care Benefits

As part of Pet Month 2020 (April 1-30) and amid coronavirus lockdown, a new App is coming to the rescue of loving dog and cat owners requiring veterinary care at a different veterinary clinic from where their pet’s medical history is kept, or from an online or mobile vet.

PetPanion is the brainchild of Koko the Labrador, whose owner was in a fix when, with no access to her dog’s medical records, she could not fully inform a new vet of Koko’s medical history. Without access to her pet’s veterinary records, getting the right treatment became far more difficult than it should have been. No previous prescriptions or treatments were available for review.

PetPanion is an App that puts an end to this situation. The user – and caring pet owner – can ask their vet to upload their pet’s records to the App, so that the records ‘travel’ with the pet and are accessible by whoever that pet may need to see, should a problem arise.

Under normal circumstances, this is ideal for those regularly travelling with their pet on holiday. Now, with vets’ surgeries largely closed, it is a means for pet owners to access informed veterinary assistance, wherever that can be found, and ensure their pet’s medical records can be reviewed by a veterinary professional and consistently kept in one place.

Additionally, the App enables a pet owner to book appointments with any vet in the UK and also request repeat prescriptions from their registered vet’s clinic with just a few simple clicks.

PetPanion’s developers are currently developing a wellness check, in collaboration with the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey, so that the next phase offers personalised pet care subscription, based on the wellness score of the pet, and facilitates digital veterinary services.

And it is not just vets that can see and appreciate the pet’s health needs. At a time when owners may need the help of dog walkers and pet sitters, PetPanion users can share their pet’s full digital profile with just one simple click, so they know their furry family member is always in safe hands, whether their dog has an issue such as arthritis, or another care need.

By using PetPanion anyone can also check on a pet’s vaccination record and any dietary advice previously given by a vet.

Whilst this is a major boost for pet owners in these worrying times, it can also make a vet’s life easier. Pictures of a pet and any conditions being suffered can be uploaded to the App, so they can be viewed digitally, with no need for the vet to be in the same room as the pet.

To assist owners at the present time, PetPanion is working to implement online payment protocol and arrange home delivery for prescribed medications, with just a few on-screen moves, to save the owner a physical trip to a bricks and mortar clinic.

If you appreciate that a pet’s medical history should live alongside your loveable pooch or puss, download PetPanion for FREE at the App Store or Playstore and let other pet owners know of this comforting new care option.

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