R’over and Out


  • It’s official. We are giving our four-legged fur-babies the same names we lavish on our children. Is your pet’s name on the list?
  • Pet wellbeing specialist, ITCHpet.com, has delved into their database of thousands of pets to uncover which names are leading the pack, revealing a ‘baby boom’ in human newborn names for our pets.

LONDON: Nine out of the top ten names given to the nation’s kittens and puppies are shared by Britain’s newborn babies, it has emerged.

Data on the monikers of more than 100,000 UK dogs and cats revealed an increasing number of owners are opting to call their pets names which rank highly in the list of 2019’s popular kids’ forenames.

That means the days of hearing a dog owner yelling: “Rover!!” at the local park are long gone.

Serene Sunday mornings are now far more likely to be interrupted by someone calling out: “Poppy!”, Max!”, “Teddy!”, “Lola!” or “Alfie!”.

According to data from pet wellbeing specialist ITCHPet.com, Bella is the most popular dog’s name in Britain today, and the second most common cats’ moniker.

The same name appears in the top 100 newborn baby names list.

Second for dogs is Poppy and third was Lola.

Buddy, the name Angels singer Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field gave their new puppy recently,  was the only name out of the dog’s top ten not to feature among common human names.

When it comes to cats Luna was top with Bella second and Lola third.

Poppy and Charlie came fourth and fifth respectively despite the fact they rank 21st and 5th on names parents are choosing for their new-borns.

The results emerge at a time when the human birth-rate has hit an all-time low in the UK – and as an increasing number of Brits are counting their pets as ‘one of the family’.

Charlotte Harper, co-founder of pet wellbeing specialist ITCHpet.com, said: “Pet humanisation – or anthropomorphism as it’s scientifically known – is becoming common because owners are increasingly wanting to provide their pets with human-like products or experiences.

 “Giving them human names is us subconsciously drawing them ever closer into the family environment and treating them as children, which is obviously of great benefit to the pet, and for the family’s general well-being.

 “But above all it is really important to remember a dog or a cat is not as self-sufficient  as a 12 year old child.

“They have entirely different needs and require a high level of care to protect them from developing health issues, such as those caused by fleas and worms.”

“All of ITCH’s flea and worming treatments are personalised, so we have been able to establish the names that are leading the pack across the nation!”

The ITCHpet.com data is based on customer data gleaned between July 2019 and 25th of January this year.

The numbers show 90 per cent of top 10 canine and feline names feature in the top 100 baby names for girls and boys.

But dog owners are slightly more likely than cat owners to pick a ‘baby’ name, with 14 out of 20 ranking on the babies list, compared to 11 out of 20 for cat’s names.

Other names to feature prominently for cats and babies include Daisy, Molly, Tilly, Willow and Oscar.

Dogs’ names which are on both lists are Teddy, Daisy, Ruby, Alfie and Charlie, while Luna, Molly, Rosie and Tilly also made the cut.

Cats’ names which don’t feature on the top 100 baby names list are Milo, Simba, Coco, Marley, Roxie and Bailey.

Unsurprisingly, Gizmo, Tigger and Oreo also don’t feature on the list of monikers picked for new-borns.

Separate studies carried out last year show 84 per cent of pet owners think of their animal as ‘part of the family’.

And around one third even claim to prefer their pets to real life members of their family, with one in six (15 per cent) considering their pet more important than their cousin.

It has also been reported that dog owners are the most keen to make their pet a bona fide family member, with 16 per cent choosing to include the animal in the last census.

Amid this report a number even listed their dog as their “son” on the official form.

Charlotte Harper continued “Cats and dogs can offer incredible emotional support, so it’s only fair that we take care of them in return.”

“Fleas are a nightmare for our pets. The Itch flea monthly subscription pack makes it really easy to protect your pet so you never forget a treatment ever again.”

TOP DOG NAMES           Top 100 Baby Names 2019

  1. Bella                         No50 – Girl
  2. Poppy                       No21 – Girl
  3. Lola                           No72 – Girl
  4. Max                           No22 –  Boy
  5. Buddy                        –
  6. Teddy                       No28 – Boy
  7. Daisy                         No38 – Girl
  8. Ruby                         No26 – Girl
  9. Alfie                          No15 – Boy
  10. Charlie                       No05 – Boy
  11. Coco                            –
  12. Luna                           No32 – Girl
  13. Milo                            No80 – Boy
  14. Molly                          No43 – Girl
  15. Marley                        –
  16. Roxy                           –
  17. Rosie                          No17 – Girl
  18. Bailey                         –
  19. Tilly                             No41 – Girl
  20. Buster                        –

TOP 20 CAT NAMES       Top 100 Baby Names 2019

  1. Luna                          No32 – Girl
  2. Bella                          No50 – Girl
  3. Lola                           No72 – Girl
  4. Poppy                       No21 – Girl
  5. Charlie                      No05 – Boy
  6. Milo                           No80 – Boy
  7. Simba                        –
  8. Daisy                        No38 – Girl
  9. Molly                        No43 – Girl
  10. Tilly                            No41 – Girl
  11. Gizmo                         –
  12. Coco                           –
  13. Smudge                     –
  14. Tigger                         –
  15. Shadow                      –
  16. Kitty                            –
  17. Willow                        No19 – Girl
  18. Nala                            –
  19. Oscar                          No12 – Boy
  20. Oreo                           –


Robbie Williams and Ada Field – Buddy

Kourtney Kardashian – Charli

(Bengal cat)

Mollie King – Alfie
(Toy Poodle)

Sandra Bullock – Poppy and Ruby

Hilary Duff – Lola

Taylor Swift – Olivia and Meredith
(Scottish Fold cats)

Jessica Simpson – Daisy
(Maltese-Toy Poodle)

Chrissy Teigen – Penny and Pippa
(French Bulldogs)

Ant McPartlin – Milo

Kate Beckinsdale – Willow
(Persian cat)

Justin Bieber – Sammy

Blake Lively – Penny
(Maltese-Toy Poodle)

Heidi Klum – Max & Freddie
(German Shepard)

Meghan Markle – Guy

David & Victoria Beckam – Olive
(Springer Spaniel)

Mrs Hinch – Henry
(Cocker Spaniel) 


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About ITCH
ITCH specializes in pet wellbeing offering a personalised flea subscription service. It was developed to create ease and convenience for pet owners, by having treatment delivered directly to your door regularly.

The company was co-founded by direct-to-consumer entrepreneur James Cox [co-founder YYX Capital and Europe’s fastest growing sleep tech firm Simba], pet supplies retailers Jonny and Adam Gould [co-founders Monster Pet Supplies] and marketer Charlotte Harper [CMO of Zoopla and UK MD Match.com].

Since the launch the company has raised £5 million in investment from Seedcamp, Nigel Wray and Cox’s YYX Capital amongst others. ITCH plans to raise a further £10 million by the end of 2019 to support the brand roll out in the US in 2020.

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  1. Christine Carroll says:

    Don’t think my black beauty boys name Spike will be on the register. The Cats Protection had named him Spike as when he was born his hair grew on his head like a wee punk rocker. I use Itch Dot Com and would highly recommend them.x???

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