Purrsday Poetry: Shadow (RIP March 2010)

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Today’s entry in Purrsday Poetry comes from Wanda:

Shadow (RIP March 2010)

Plush coat of dark on light grays

In swirls and stripes it lays.

Perched upon the patio chair he sits

Yellow-green eyes disappearing into gray slits.

Pinkish nose twitches at the breeze-borne scent.

Of what mysteries does the aroma hint?

Soft paws lightly touch the ground

As he jumps down in graceful bound.

His own private jungle to explore

Or just to meow, “In” at the door.

He’s a lumbering old bear of a cat

And I really like him like that.

His huge hind legs give him a bunny hop gait

His sense of play is definitely first rate.

No other breed of cat can compare

To the tailless Manx so rare.


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