Purrsday Poetry: Ode To the “O” Boys

Hi everyone,

Today’s entry in Purrsday Poetry comes from Marylu Korkuch:

Two ginger cats, and
Love is doubled every day.
One — roly-poly lover
One — aloof mystery man.
Boundless chances for laughs:
They are genius comedians!
Endless opportunities for nuzzles:
They are expert lovers!
A daily buffet of wise counsel… and gentle correction:
They are excellent teachers!

A cornucopia of healing:
They are pure purring comfort blankets!
Liquid eyes:
Ever inscrutable…
Never judgmental…
Always forgiving:
You are late!
We are hungry!
It is too cold in here!
It is too hot in here!
We missed you!
Where have you been?
We need a scratch and WE NEED IT NOW!
It’s OK, Mom: WE LOVE YOU!

Copyright January 2020 Marylu Korkuch

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