COVID-19 and Pets?

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, we have to bring up the current Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) once more on our blog. We’ve had a number of local vets and even some globally contact us to ask if we can once again spread the word that there is no confirmed risk of catching COVID-19 from our beloved pet companions!

Sadly there is much misinformation floating about the news that hype up the fact that “Coronavirus” is commonly carried by cats and dogs but fail to mention that COVID-19 is only ONE of the various viruses of the coronavirus family out there…

A lot of the fear was generated by a small dog that tested “positive” in Hong Kong. It is, however, a big possibility that the viral residue was picked up from his human who had contracted the virus and that the dog only tested positive with a small amount of the Virus as this was lingering in the apartment but there is NO evidence that this is any different to how an infected person could leave traces of a Virus on an inanimate object, surface etc. The dog himself showed no signs of the illness or that he was able to transmit the disease to humans or pets.

Video with advice info on Pets and Covid-19:

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has prepared an advisory document offering guidance and a series of Frequently Asked Questions to help its members when talking with pet owners concerned about the risk of infection with the new coronavirus (2019 n-CoV), following the outbreak in China.

Sadly this panic has resulted in a rise in pet abandonment or even contacting vets to put their pets down out of fear of transmission of the disease. This is simply not acceptable and people need to be reminded that our companion animals are always there for us when we need them so we need to ensure that we protect them and care for them in the current worldwide state of panic.

What you should remember is to frequently wash your hands and especially to do so before touching your house & family members after returning home. Good hygiene is the best way to reduce risk to all of us at this moment in time.

And of course, while making your plans as a family please ensure to include your pets in your plans in a positive way! They will reward you with head bumps and cuddles in the long run! And we do not mean to add 10.000 packs of cat litter to the shopping list. 😉



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