6 Reasons Why Cat Trees Are Important for Your Pet’s Health

A multitude of surveys have proven that now, more than ever, we are spending more time and money on our pets than on other human beings. When you want to splurge on your feline friend, then one of the best investments would be a cat tree.

Especially if you are constantly catching your kitty scratching furniture and jumping on kitchen counters. The next piece of furniture you have to invest in, is a cat tree. Here are 6 reasons why cat trees are beneficial to your kitty’s health.

  1. Gives Them Personal Space

Cats aren’t as sociable as dogs are. There will be times when they want to curl up next to you on the couch, but then there will be more times that they’d like to be alone. Especially if there are other pets in the home. The tree will provide them with a safe space that belongs to only them.

  1. It’s Entertaining

When you have a house feline, chances are that they’ll get curious after a few months. You’ll find them jumping on the fridge or high closets. They need to be entertained. Unfortunately, if they don’t have a structure that they can climb, your furniture will fall prey.

A cat tree, especially really tall ones, can provide hours of endless fun. Kitties can jump from perch to perch and play with attached toys. When your feline showcases behavioral problems, a tree will be able to fix it.

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  1. Exercise

Yes, your four-legged furry friend enjoys a nap. The same as dogs, felines also need exercise. In order for them to maintain a healthy weight they need to play around, jump, and exercise.

Trees provide a structure that allows your kitty to get necessary exercise without you having to walk them on a leash.

Especially if you’re not at home for long periods of time, the tree and all its extras will keep your kitty occupied and engaged. This will keep them from taking out their boredom by scratching couches and chairs.

  1. To Keep Cat Anxiety at Bay

Some kitties are prone to anxiety. They will hide underneath beds and furniture when you introduce a new pet in the home, when there’s a loud sound, or when guests come over.

A sense of safety can be created when you provide your timid kitty with a cat tree. Spray some catnip on it’s perches and see your furry friend turn from anxious to relaxed and calm. From there on, your pet will associate the tree as a safe haven when danger lurks.

  1. Sharing is Caring

We all know that cats are extremely territorial. If you have two male felines who don’t like sharing one couch or window sill, then a tree provides the perfect solution. Making sure that all your cats feel safe and at-home is extremely important for their mental health.

Consider having big cat trees for large cats with a variety of different levels and perches. Each feline will be able to mark their own area and together they will be able to exist in peace.

  1. Controlling Tower

All cat owners know that they like to feel like the king of the castle. That’s why they climb onto high-raised furniture. They can sit there for hours looking down on their humble servants.

Giving your feline a tall tower will give them a sense of control. Instead of scratching your furniture and leaving hair all over the top of the fridge. They will be able to clean themselves and stare while sitting at the highest level of the tree.

Make sure that you place the tall structure in an area where they can overlook the living room. Placing it close to a window is also a great idea. If you see that your pet isn’t using the tree, then you have to change its positioning in the home. Find the perfect spot where your feline has the perfect overhead view of the house and everyone else in it.

Investing in a tall tree with a multitude of different levels, perches, scratch posts, and dangling toys will be extremely beneficial to their health.

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4 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Cat Trees Are Important for Your Pet’s Health

  1. Pamela Cummins says:

    When my dad and step mother decided to downsize from a huge house to a two bedroom apartment, they were worried how their two cats would react to the move. Knowing how much my cats love their cat trees, I suggested getting a cat tree before moving. This way they have their own piece of furniture, they will recognize it and their scent on it. Guess what was the first thing the cats went to in their new apartment? Yup, the HUGE cat tree made the moving transition less stressful and so much easier.

  2. Leta Rosetree says:

    Being high, above ground level is a survival instinct behavior, nothing less. Predator and prey can both be spotted from above. So it’s not a ‘control’ issue over other cats; it goes far deeper – its instinctual. Everything cats do is instinct-based, from food and water bowl locations to litter depth, strata, and location, to preference for quiet, to grooming after you touch them.

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