The Watchful Eye of Renegade

Hi everyone,

It’s me Renegade here today on important watchtower duty!

Renegade: See one of us felines ALWAYS has to watch our kingdom from atop the watchtower… a bit like how meerkats have to keep an eye on what predators might be approaching we have to keep an eye out for potential prey. Wouldn’t want a little mouse sneak past our watchful eyes would we now. ;o

Renegade: What was that… is it a mouse?!? No… that was just my sister Nubia… where is all the prey!

Renegade: Ok… hours later and still no prey has approached the tower… have all the mice found out that we have a watchtower duty schedule now?

Renegade: And yet a few hours later… no prey… I am getting a little bored now up here!

Renegade: Surely… it must be ok for the cat on duty to take a little cat nap…

Renegade: Right that’s it… time for a catnap… I mean cat meditation…

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Renegade the Flash

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