Our 2019 Cat & Pet Awards – Check out All of the Blogs!

Hi everyone,

It’s me Nubia again with yet some more recent awards! Of course, this is not just about us but about all the fantastic pet blogs have won awards in the same publication / by the same organisation as us. You should pay them all a visit.

Oliver: First up is the most important Blog award here in the UK! It’s the annual Top 10 ranking by Media Intelligence company Vuelio. Not just did we make it onto the list for a third year in a row but we’ve actually come out as “top cats” being the number 1 UK pet blog for the third year running.

Nubia: Our humans even had a pawesome interview with the guys from Vuelio which you can find here.

Oliver: Next up we got an award from Cyberpet who included us in their pawesome top 30 pet blog list.

Nubia: There plenty of great blogs for you to check out in the above list! Plus cyberpet themselves is also a great source of tips and advice on cats, dogs and even birds & more!

Oliver: Next up is the Pet Products & Services Awards by Lux Magazine who once again awarded us with the Online Cat Infirmation Resource of the Year 2019 Award!

Oliver: Next up is an award we didn’t quite expect! It comes from M&A Today – Global Awards – 2020.

The M&A Today Awards strive to be the World’s most coveted and complete awards programs, taking votes from over 163 countries globally. 

The awards recognise dedication to excellence on a global basis. 

By broadening the focus beyond advertising alone, the purpose of the Annual Awards is to lift the perception of creativity above clever headlines and provide the readership with a comprehensive understanding of those firms that are truly leaders within their chosen areas of specialisation.

The intellectual and emotional achievement of communication transcends the barriers of distance, language and culture.

The Annual Awards programs extend over regional, national and international boundaries, and reach out to the readers in an Empirical, impartial and comprehensive way.

Please find directly below a link to the Global Awards – 2019 edition, for reference; 


Nubia: But there was another unexpected but very much welcomed award! From Global 100 that even gave us a pawesome interview in addition to the award.

Nubia: Brother did you know that we even got a top 25 pet blog award from a DOG PUBLICATION? 😀

Oliver: Next but definitely no less important is once again the annual award by DrFoxMag who have included us as part of the Top 10 Cat blogs for a second year in a row! 🙂

Oliver: That’s all from us today! And don’t forget to check out some of the other winners of the above awards. 😀

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace


His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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