Cat Travel: Maison de Moggy – The Ragdolls

Hi everyone,

We are back for another post about Maison de Moggy. Today we have photos to share of their three bundles of fluff their ragdolls Pierre, Alain and Amelie!

Now who can figure out who is who of these… Thats the big question! None the less these are some pretty darn cute kitties. I especially loved the one I used for the feature image shot. 🙂


Notice the cat shaped hole in the background of this one? They made the effort to create hiding places even in the coffee table. 🙂

Of course the hiding spaces on the walls and in the middle pillar that we showed you in one of the previous posts are welcome points of escape for the resident cats as well.


First of there were the “bird houses” on the wall.


This little fella sure makes a piece of wood look very comfortable!


Right now THIS can be a comfortable position only a cat can tell… :O

See the hole next to him? This was the center pillar in the cat cafe and contained another great hiding place for the resident felines.


Certainly cosey with the carpet! But…


… not as secure as one would think as tourists are still able to reach in. 😉


But one can always go back to sleep again afterwards.

“Where is the food?!?” Sorry little one I am not allowed to feed you! 😮


And this was taken as I was trying to leave! It almost screams “What???? are you leaving us so soon!!!”

I hope you enjoyed todays post and are looking forward to finding out more about the other cats that live at Maison de Moggy. 😀

To find out more about Maison de Moggy visit their website or Facebook page. Already made up your mind? You can book a slot here!



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