The Friday Art Cat: Alex Halliday Pet Portraits

Hi everyone,
Today’s entry to the Friday Art Cat comes from Alex Halliday:
I am Alex Halliday, an artist living in Berkshire, and my speciality is portraits in graphite of loved ones, non-furry as well as furry.
I am owned by a black and white semi-long-haired cat called Gwendoline Lilly. Gwennie encourages me to relax. In this photo of her lounging on ‘her’ sofa, I love her little rear paws poking out behind a mass of fur (her bloomers).
We know our furry friends are good for us, and a study by Washington State University has now demonstrated that just 10 minutes spent petting your cat or dog results in lower stress levels and benefits your health.
Pendry, P., & Vandagriff, J. L. (2019). Animal Visitation Program (AVP) Reduces Cortisol Levels of University Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial. AERA Open.
I’m sure it’s particularly beneficial when Gwennie climbs onto my laptop keyboard and invites me to take a break from working and give her some attention.
Drawing from photo, thanks to Daga Roszkowska
If you would like me to create a portrait in graphite of your loved one, please get in touch with me.
Thanks, Alex Halliday
Best wishes
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