‘Being Mostly Cat’ – New Book Provides Purr-fectly Practical Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Live a Life with ‘Cattitude’

Tracey Grist is not “kitten around”. Her new book, ‘Being Mostly Cat’ is likely to be one of the quirkiest gifts any cat-lover will receive this year, and it also contains an extremely powerful and timely message.

The most recent study completed in the United Kingdom shows that over six million people across four countries suffer with anxiety or depression. Although Grist has helped thousands of people with therapeutic intervention, she would like to help many, many more. ‘Being Mostly Cat’ is born of that wish, and of Grist’s belief that we as human beings could learn a lot from the way cats spend their days.

Synopsis: The cat lover’s guide book to overcoming anxiety.

Love them or loathe them, you cannot deny the enviable truth: Cats are chilled, independent creatures who take life in their stride. Being Mostly Cat is an intelligent, quirky, innovative and soothing work book, thoughtfully designed with illustrations to help you identify your own self-defeating beliefs and harmful habits that can lead you to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

When your mind is so full to bursting with fears and anxiety, and it can’t absorb the teachings of mainstream self-help books, that is the time to pick up this simple step by step guide for you to rediscover your laughter, confidence and courage.

Using her charming illustrations of cat behaviours, Tracey Grist combines her creative and psychotherapeutic wisdom to gently guide the reader away from distress and back to focus, to being in the present.

These cute cats are simply getting along with life, embracing the wonders of easy living, finding joy in the moment and showing the reader exactly how to sit on the face of anxiety with careless cat-abandon.

Being Mostly Cat offers:

-Captivating ways to overcome the fears that create self-doubt and anxiety.

-Pure stand alone enjoyment or as a supplement to therapy.

-A pocket-sized paperback, designed to become well-thumbed.

-Opportunities to make notes.

-Full-page inspirational illustrations to engage with and colour.

-A joy for all ages (suitable for children and adults alike) cat lovers will totally adore it!

-An image that stays with you; screen shot your image for the week, save it to your phone for an ongoing, daily reminder.

The thoughtful friend’s gift to an anxiety sufferer

This is the perfect present when you are worried about a friend and are looking to support them in a discrete and compassionate way.

Delightful and surprisingly effective, this book’s images invite you to smile at, doodle on and colour in, whilst effortlessly interacting with inspiring messages to motivate subconscious change. Being Mostly Cat addresses anxiety head on without making it a drama but by enjoying the easy-going, ‘in the moment’, mindful metaphor of the cat.

Tracey Grist says:

“In creating ‘Being Mostly Cat’, I have drawn on over a decade of experience from working with clients to conquer their anxiety. When we are overwhelmed with anxiety, living in the ‘now’ becomes complicated; worrying about not just present day-to-day dilemmas but the future ‘what ifs’ and past ‘should haves’.  By creating accessible, clear and effective messages, this book is designed to penetrate the mental chatter and help people, even in their most anxious state, to connect mindfully, with little effort, to being in the moment. Drawing on parallels of the joy that cats take celebrating in the most mundane of endeavours to reflecting on how splendid life can be, the metaphor of our feline friend holds many top tips to embracing a fear-free lifestyle.”

She continues: “The workbook can be used on its own or in conjunction with therapy. At its heart, it is a tool for individuals to free themselves of their anxious thoughts, becoming a soft place to land when the world becomes a bit too much to bear. There’s a solid, complex therapeutic foundation to these simple illustrations, which form a step by step guide into how to break free from our negative beliefs.

Early reviews of the book have been glowing.

Mr C D Chilcott:

I have never seen a book like this!

Tracey has combined her amazing talents as not only a great therapist but artist too, to produce this little powerhouse of a self help book.

A great read for cat lovers, people with anxiety, or people like me who can draw comfort from some light-hearted, comically illustrated advice as to not to take life too seriously and be more cat.

What she has done here to get her message across using illustrations is a stroke of genius. If you’re reading this, buy it.


A seemingly simple book that delivers a powerful message. Tracey uses cats and their antics to explain anxiety and support those who have to deal with it.

I would highly recommend this for all ages and those with varying degrees of anxiety.

G McKinnon adds,

“This little book from the pen of an experienced therapist is a delight…
I will be pointing my own clients who need to smile again in the direction of this book.”

‘Being Mostly Cat’ is available now: https://amzn.to/2Nt40Yv

For more information on Tracey Grist, including her innovative work, visit her official website: https://www.southlondontherapy.co.uk/about

About the Author:

Written and designed using her decades of experience in therapeutic intervention and human understanding, combined with her innate gift of artistry, Tracey Grist, the Chairman for the National Council for Hypnotherapy and a London-based hypnotherapist. Passionate about the strength of gentle humour and amusement to subconsciously empower therapeutic change, Tracey has created this playful, pocket-sized edition of illustrations to give powerful insights into the simple, straightforward ways you can take control of anxiety and start living life on your terms, your way.

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