Cats Like to Have Fun too! Top 3 Toys Every Cat Loves!

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Cats are incredibly lovable creatures, and they are often spoken in the same breath as dogs when it comes to pets. Even though several years of domestication have transformed the wild cats, it’s not entirely possible to erase certain hunter instincts that these animals possess. That is where cat toys can do wonders. The Pets Expert can argue that nutrition may not solve the hunter instinct within a cat as this may always be present. One should quell this instinct to a certain extent to make cats as pets, and this is possible by the use of best cat toys.

Cat Toys: Because They Need to Play

Cats are predatory animals by nature, and one should respect this heritage will trying to have these animals as pets. If not, they are likely to exhibit these instincts at a time when they should be playful and enjoyable. Furthermore, these animals also require a lot of exercise to keep them in shape, and cat toys are great for this. It is effortless for cats to put on weight and they can become obese quite quickly.

Feline obesity is a problem that affects many domesticated cats, mainly because they are being fed proper nutrition without proper exercise. It is easy for cats to pick up issues like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other abnormalities related to metabolism.

Top Three Cat Toys

Premium Cat Kicker

This is one of the interactive cat toys that can keep a cat occupied for several hours with ease. At the same time, it can also help sharpen claws and keep them in shape. However, the addition of strings and tassels will encourage your cat to show more hunting instincts when engaging with various toys. This is a simple toy that comes with a big wrestling roll. It manages to hit the two major requirements from a cat’s perspective – scratching and playing. These cat toys are especially useful for cats that are largely kept indoors and those that do not have a lot of space.

Valerian and catnip toys often cause hyperexcitability in cats, boosting their usual leisure time. There is a playful feeling that seems to be induced by catnip and valerian toys and it provides mental stimulation. This leads to exercise s cats like to chase, pounce and run after being exposed to valerian root.

Moody Pet Fling-AMA-String

This battery-operated toy is a great choice for cats that tend to get uninterested in simple cat toys. It is battery-operated, but it has plenty of variations to keep the kitty occupied for several hours. Furthermore, it also provides a physical activity that is essential for a feline. You can hang this toy on a standard doorknob, and a kitten can chase the extended string for hours together. An electric conveyor belt is used to turn the long string continuously. Even if a pet manages to catch its target, an automatic reset function restarts the process all over again.

This remote control cat toy is also excellent for felines of all ages, as the speed can be controlled in two different ways for active and passive animals.

Go Cat Teaser Wand Toy

This is not precisely one of the cat chew toys, but it will mimic the same. The concept of this toy is to stimulate the idea of prey hanging from a branch. It promotes a lot of physical activity within the pet, which will be chasing the prey as long as it is entertaining. A rat-shaped structure is used to create the idea of the victim to keep it very realistic. Since the product is made out of high-quality materials like strings, there is little worry of snapping out. This eliminates any concerns about safety to the pet. This highly effective toy will be able to stimulate the natural tendencies within a pet.


Feline boredom can be a problem that can lead to destructive behavior like scratching, clawing, and more. Cat toys are capable of keeping a cat’s brain will stimulate so that they do not get bored. This lack of boredom can have a beneficial impact on their overall mood. Many pet owners also think that dogs and cats are similar to pets, but it is not the case. Dogs need a lot of attention from their masters, whereas kitties do appreciate their alone times. As a result, it is easy for cats to be branded as antisocial, but it is not the case. Cats can form meaningful relationships that are much stronger, but it also depends on a master.

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Betti Wilson (Author)

She grew up on her grandfather’s farm in rural Utah before moving to San Francisco and then Sacramento. Betti writes about cats, dogs, parrots, and pretty much every animal that lives with humans.

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