7 Helpful Tips to Help Your Finicky Rescue Feline Adjust 

As fall rolls around, there is nothing better than cozying up with a beloved kitten. October may be National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, but shelter cats deserve some love too! This is the perfect time to save a life and welcome a new furry friend into your home.

Adopting a cat can be overwhelming, both for the owner and the animal. However, these 7 tips are sure to help your new cat feel happy and at home.

Cat-Proof the House 

Before adopting a cat, make sure to clean up any areas where it might get stuck or sick. Hide cords, secure window and door screens, and remove any poisonous plants. It is also essential to get rid of any poison-control traps.

Create a Safe Space

Since the cat is entering a new environment, it is important to provide them with a comfortable home base. Ideally, this would offer them a place to hide from the stimulation of a household. If you have other pets or young children, make sure they are not able to access this area. One example of a safe space is placing a crate in a laundry room or secondary bathroom. During the first 24 hours at home, it is a good idea to sit with them in this space and let them approach you once they feel comfortable.

Take Time with Touch 

Before picking up or even petting your cat, allow them to adjust to their environment. Once they are comfortable in their new home, they are more likely to come to you for affection. One idea for gaining their trust is to start by petting their cheek and then allowing them to leave the interaction. If they come back, you know they feel comfortable and you can begin rubbing their head and back. This may take some time, so be patient!

Calm Them Down

If your cat seems stressed out, try dressing them in a compression vest. This method of gently applying pressure helps calm pets by providing them with the illusion of being swaddled. Another way to calm your kitty down is to quietly play classical music or leave the TV on at a low volume. If that doesn’t seem to help, try using natural supplements like organic CBD oil. This hemp extract has no THC, and has been shown to effectively calm your furry friend.

Toys, Toys, Toys

When it comes to bonding, toys are one of the best ways to make your cat feel happy and comfortable in their new environment. These toys can be as simple as cardboard boxes or intricate like fancy balls or flirt poles. By providing them with a distraction, they are able to relieve stress and create relationships with their owners. These toys can be found at popular pet stores or online through websites such as Amazon or of course our own blog shop.

Establish a Routine

The key to making a cat feel comfortable is by establishing a schedule for them. Feeding, cleaning, and playtime should stay consistent across the week. This will subconsciously make them feel more accepting and excited about their living situation and owners.


If your cat has been at home for a while and none of these tricks are working, visit your local veterinarian. Typically, they will provide the cat with anti-anxiety medication if they deem it necessary.

Have Fun

Adopting any new pet comes with challenges. However, the relationship formed with these creatures has a lasting impact. Make sure to be patient with your cat. Once it trusts you, you are bound to have a meaningful and fun time watching it grow. These tips are sure to make the transition easier and more effective.

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6 thoughts on “7 Helpful Tips to Help Your Finicky Rescue Feline Adjust 

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Or do what we did – put your slightly skittery rescue on the floor while you take off your shoes, then watch as she charges into your home, eats an entire bowl of crunchies, drinks two cups of water, savages the eff out of a catnip banana, falls asleep on the carpet for the next 12 hours…and then rules your house for the next 15. 🙂

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