How to Upset Your Cat

  1.  Tell him not to block your computer screen when you’re trying to write.

As you can see, he’s quite upset.

2.   Fail to give him fresh water every 2 hours

That’ll show him whose boss.  Wait!  That’s my tea!

3.  Forget that he gets a treat at exactly 5:30pm every day.

But only once.

4.    Refuse to pet him when you’re busy…

…so you have to search for him 2 hours, scared out of your mind until you

find him with eyes that say, “So…you were too busy, eh?”

Ah, the joys of being owned by a cat.  The minute you yell out, “This is not worth it!” he does this:

and you wonder how you’ll ever live without him.

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15 thoughts on “How to Upset Your Cat

    • floridaborne says:

      We do spoil them. But they purr, and last night my 20 pound coon cat was sleeping next to me. There’s nothing like going to sleep to the sound and touch of a purr.

  1. zodiacimmortal says:

    And unless the cat gets up… everything else can eat fur while they wait cause you are not getting up.
    (at least that’s how we were when Sully would sit in laps esp. mom… she’d have to go to the bathroom so bad the cat would be on her for an hour or more and still asleep.

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