Mews: Oldest Cat Living

Hi everyone,

The Guinness World Records kindly gave us permission to repost some of their cat world records as part of their 2016 book which is now available in stores!

Today we are looking at the Oldest cat living:


The oldest cat living is Corduroy (b. 1 August 1989), aged 25 years 339 days as of 6 July 2015. Corduroy lives with his owner, Ashley Reed Okura (USA) in Sisters, Oregon, USA.

The Reed family have owned Corduroy since he was a kitten, and Ashley was just 7 years old.

All photo and video credit go to the Guinness World Records.

How old is your feline friend?



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9 thoughts on “Mews: Oldest Cat Living

  1. retrodee says:

    Wow that’s amazing! My Chelsea lived to 20 and I was just thinking that she must have been one of the last cats of the 20th Century. My Dad’s friend’s cats lived to 26 and 27, I believe. They were Scottish Folds.

  2. Rohvannyn says:

    Nice! My boy, Shinji, is somewhere between the years of fourteen and seventeen. If the animal shelter was correct, he was seventeen, but we don’t think they were.

  3. franhunne4u says:

    The cat shelter tinykittens somewhere in West-Canada took in a 19,5 year old stray (dire condition when he turned up, sweet old senior cat, but only 1,9 kg and seriously ill, too) just yesterday.

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