Freya: Welcome Human to my cozy Hiding den!

Hello there humans and cats!

Freya: It’s me Freya here today and you are most likely wondering where I got this super cozy Hiding Den from? Well… it wasn’t always a den… when it first arrived from our sponsor and partner Sleepypod it was flat packed!

Rennie: It most certainly wasn’t… 😮

Rennie: And Freya… it’s not your den it’s one of the amazing Sleepypod Pod products the Sleepypod Air!

Rennie: And looks like it is as easy to assemble as Sleepypod promises. 😀

Freya: Time to check it out!

Freya: Rennie… it’s meant to be ladies first!!!

Renegade: Too late! And it’s beauty before age. 😉

Renegade: Freya… what are you doing on the top. o.o

Freya: Just checking if it’s as sturdy as it promises to be! And it looks to be fine! 😀

Freya: Now… will you come out of there so I can have a go? 😮

Rennie: Only if I must…

Freya: And in I go!

Rennie: There seems to be enough space for both of us… can I join?

Freya: No…

Rennie: How about now?

Freya: Still no…

Rennie: And now????

Freya: Most definitely not! Find your own den!

Freya: Now that he is finally gone… I can tell you more about the Sleepod Air carrier which I have re-purposed as my own purrsonal den!

Freya: See underneath me… that’s super comfortable plus! It’s part of why us cats are drawn to these!

Freya: Of course that’s not the only benefit of this carrier… but you have to admit that it most certainly is a huge advantage if us cats go into a carrier of our own free will rather than having to be forced in right? 😉

Freya: The Sleepypod Air as the name says is an airline-approved carrier which is great for those of us felines thare world travellers and frequently join our humans on their trips around the world! And in addition to being an airline approved carrier as you saw at the startt of the post also withstands quite a bit of weight ending up on top of the carrier. 😀

Freya: And all while folding down super small while not in use, though I would prefer if my humans leave this one out for me all the time… So tell your humans to get one today over on the Sleepypod website. 😀

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Freya the Snow Leopard
His Meojwsty King Renegade the Flash

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