Mystical Cats Tarot

Hi everyone,

Today we are looking at something very different to our usual line-up of cat products and books! Well kind of. 😉


We recently received a review copy of the Mystical Cats Tarot by Lunea Weathersone and art illustration by Mickie Mueller.


The set contains a complete Tarot card set but also comes with a handy little guide book to explain you how to read said Tarot cards!


This is the booklet and it provides a lot of background information about the cat art as well as the meaning of them. 😀


Each of the cards has beautiful artwork that really stands out!


My personal favourite has to be the eight of Earth, there is just something about this mother and her kittens. 🙂


So our over-all verdict? We are absolutely in love with this cards! These are not just awesome for those of you that actively read Tarot Cards and are looking for a beautiful and stunning design but will also delight those of us that are just crazy cat lovers and want to see each of the amazing designs.

More details can be found on the authors page and the publisher’s page.

The Tarot set is available through the following sources:

US: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Llewellyn Worldwide

UK: Amazon UKLlewellyn Worldwide

DE: Amazon DELlewellyn Worldwide

Looking for a digital version? You can find that here for iOS. 😀

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