Purrsday Poetry: Last Fight

Last Fight
Shades of grey and white
Go back and forth into the night
Visions turn blue and bright
Chest now heavy and tight
Close to my beating heart
Is a longing for a future weakened
By a deteriorating yearning
To see him alive and thriving
If ever the battle is lost
I’d take him up a riveting river
Help him stay calm
With every shiver or quiver
I’d hold him close as I seek
Truth as a believer
Plant kisses like no other
Grant him his last wish, I’d think he’ll remember
I’ve seen him fall yet perched tall, paws and all
I vow not to lose sight of what’s best, what’s right
As leaving me is all he has
To continue one last fight
Author of
1) My All: Poems by Farzleen F. Khan (2017)
2) My All: No Rhyme or Reason –  A Poetry Chapbook by Farzleen F.Khan (2019)
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