7 Ways to Create a Purrfect Home for Your cat!

Owning a cat can be a fantastic adventure! Care needs to be taken, however, in creating the perfect environment in which they can thrive. Whether you’re preparing to welcome a new cat into your home, or you think you might want to spruce the house up for your existing kitty, our friends over at The Insurance Emporium have got some helpful tips for you!

  1. Keep mealtimes interesting!

Cats are natural born hunters, and catching their prey exercises both mind and body. In the home, however, the thrill of the chase can be lost. Try spreading their food over several bowls, hiding them around the house, or use puzzle feeders to make mealtimes more interesting!

  1. Water, water everywhere


Our feline friends don’t often like their water to be too close to their food, and most cats prefer to drink in private. Setting up different bowls of water over the house in discreet locations could encourage them to drink more.

  1. Flying high

Experts at reaching high places, cats might appreciate having spaces at different levels to hang out on. Shelves that are high off the ground can give your kitty somewhere they can feel safe, while keeping an eye out on events below!

  1. Snoozing spots

Cats sleep a lot. So it comes as no surprise that they might like a variety of locations for their daily snoozes! Sofas and beds are often prime locations. If you’re getting them their own bed, try placing it near a heat source, such as a radiator or sunny window!

  1. Scratch that itch!

For kitties, scratching not only sharpens their claws, it also helps them mark out their territory. To deter them from clawing up the sofa it’s important to supply them with scratching posts. Try positioning them by the entrances to busy rooms, as these can often be prime scratching locations!

  1. Play with me!

To keep your cat moving, and their mind busy, play is essential! Toys that mimic the movements of small animals might be best at holding their attention. Keep toys hidden away when not in use, as this can prevent cats from getting bored of them too quickly!

  1. King of the jungle

You might notice that your kitten is fond of eating grass! This acts as a way of clearing hair from their stomach. If you have an indoor cat, try growing some grass in pots. Keeping (non-toxic!) plants in the house can also make the space more interesting for felines, providing them with space to explore and hide.

Creating the purrfect home for your cat shouldn’t be difficult, and by following these tips you could be well on the way to doing so! As a cat owner, you’ll want to do all you can to help protect your kitty, so might want to consider taking out cat insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, they’re offering 4 weeks free* on Cat Insurance for Katzenworld users with the promo code KATZ. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to see if they’ve got the right policy for your kitty!

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3 thoughts on “7 Ways to Create a Purrfect Home for Your cat!

  1. Léa says:

    While we fall a bit short of purr-fect, we do try and there is always room for inprovement… Now please do not tell the felines that our several eliptical staircase levels were not installed specifically for them. They do enjoy running up and down.

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