Let me introduce you to Jameson, a beautiful, intelligent, sweet tortoiseshell cat. When friends who had rescued her, gave her to me, they called her “Cali” (for Calico). I said no, that will not work. She is a tortoiseshell plus according to something I’d read, Earnest Hemingway said that cats like an “s” sound in their name.

I looked up names for cats but nothing seemed to work. One night as I mixed myself a drink using Jameson, I said it aloud and my new best pal looked at me. I knew then that her name would be Jameson (never “Jamie”).

Jameson loves looking out the windows in the kitchen and living room, especially when she sees squirrels, birds and occasionally, a rabbit. She patiently sits on the kitchen window sill waiting to see a neighbor’s cat. Her favorite places to nap include a blanket on top of the washer dryer, sitting next to me (sofa or chair), curled up on or inside a blanket. She loves to hide under the blankets, usually with only her tail visible. She drinks water from her water glass (yes, it was mine at one point).

She loves to play but only when she wants to … like all cats! Favorite playthings include a mouse toy, ribbon and a laser beam and listening to Swing Music and hearing about the marvelous cats at Katzenworld.

I have a magnet on my refrigerator, “Cat Leave Paw-prints on Our Hearts,” which is so true. I have had the privilege of having other cats … they are each unique and precious.


You are welcome to join me on my journeys. Many of my posts are about travel but also I write about Cats / Cat Tales, which includes posts/photos of Jameson and other cats I have known at www.JourneyswithEileenDiane.com.

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23 thoughts on “Jameson

    • Journeys with EileenDiane says:

      I read that a while back … makes sense. Though if a name fits, use it. Chelsea is such a pretty name …

  1. Liz says:

    Beautiful photos and what a gorgeous cat. I love how close the squirrel is to the glass window, while she is watching.

    • Journeys with EileenDiane says:

      Many thanks … Jameson loves watching the squirrels … I feed them peanuts so they keep Jameson entertained.

  2. Léa says:

    A wise choice. If we listen to our feline family, they will let us know. Jameson is a commanding name and alludes to the respect due this slegant feline. Happy to hear your are in excellent PAWS. ?‍???‍?

  3. PoeticBelle says:

    Jameson is beautiful! Would love to have a cat someday. But your posts are definitely helpful for my boyfriend as he has three cats at his place that he takes care of! So thank you! Looking forward to many more posts.

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