An Average Day as a Cat Sitter….

Many people are fascinated by my work as a cat sitter and love to listen to my adventures……..

So what is an average day at work for Portsmouth Cat Sitting actually like? Well I’m not sure there is an average day as this job is sometimes very different day to day…..

Some days can be very uneventful, straightforward and very easy, while other days can be very stressful, busy and even heartbreaking.

Rachel and “Mouse” the cat.

For example recently one day I visited 6 cats in their own homes and played, cuddled, fed, cleared litter trays etc all the normal cat stuff….very straightforward. The next day one of those houses involved me chasing a mouse around the house for 20 minutes because the resident cat had released it indoors and of course the cats humans were due home later that day!

The next house had me hoovering feathers for over an hour as the two resident cats had gone out for takeaway (feline style) and decided that it would be great fun to watch the cat sitter hoover all over the house and unblock feathers from the hoover over and over again! Of course their humans were due home that day too! There is something about a felines smug face that makes me wonder if indeed we are the superior species on this planet…….

Another house had me taking the cat to the vet due to a very large abscess appearing on top of its head, of course this cat had to be a very vocal Siamese who had some problems with my driving skills!! (How rude!) This was after me catching it and getting into a cat carrier…..

Oh and I mustn’t forget the last house that was pretty normal apart from scraping a dead rat off the bottom of my shoe……

Of course the job has a more serious side to it as well and can often be heartbreaking….I have sometimes taken a cat to the vet for emergency treatment, only to be told by the vet that euthanasia is the best thing for the cat. I may have cared and loved this cat for many years and its heartbreaking especially if its unexpected and I have to call the owners while they are on holiday to tell them. This part of my job is never easy but I like to feel I have helped in some way….and being a full time cat sitter I feel I have the time and experience to do this.

My job can often involve many vet trips and extra cat sitting visits to give the poorly cats their medication, this can be stressful at times but always so rewarding when a cat starts to recover and an owner returns from their holiday to a healthy and happy cat that they may have feared they wouldn’t see again……. so that’s some of the things that can happen on an average day at work as a cat sitter…….

Love and purrs Rachel.

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6 thoughts on “An Average Day as a Cat Sitter….

  1. Authoress51 says:

    I watched a neighbors cats when I was young and one left me a big turd on the counter. It was probably the same one that would hide under the bed and hiss at me. Lol

  2. Claudia says:

    I think this is a fascinating and worthwhile job. I wonder how many people use a cat sitter? Quite a few, I imagine! And the ups and downs are rewarding. You have a good nature and true patience. I will go on over and follow you to continue reading about your adventures!

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