Live TV for Cats!


I have been waiting for the day when my mum’s actually get a bird feeder!

They don’t understand the needs of a cat furry well!! I meow and meow when they are watching their TV, as what they watch is boring!

Mum’s finally assembled the bird feeder! Wow, I knew this would then change my viewing opportunities!!

Not only now I have LIVE TV but when I go outside those birds sit on the fences. It’s amazing, except mum’s say I’m not to catch the birds, which is highly unfair. I’m trying to learn about the different types of birds. My only issue is, the book doesn’t give you information on the meat to bone ratio!

I have noticed the pigeons and blackbirds are super greedy!! But not as greedy as me! I am sure these birds taste so nice!! Mum’s say I’m only able to window shop! How bad is that! They get a bird feeder and I’m not able to play!

I’m always watching out the window meow, ever used to but I just relax and look out the window.

I would love to catch a bird, last time I caught a bird my mum’s got it out of my mouth!! How rude they were!

Birds are just amazing, do you like birds? I feel like I am now able to enjoy my garden more. This bird feeder is for cats everywhere, I’m happy to share! The mornings are pawsome! All the Starlings feeding! They look like chicken legs in my eyes moving and saying ‘eat me, eat me’.

I’ll happily eat them but my mum’s just ruin it all for me! They ensure I don’t eat them, it’s so unfair!

Do your humans prevent you from having fun?

Thank you for reading the latest edition of my fun!

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16 thoughts on “Live TV for Cats!

  1. Pamela Cummins says:

    We used to have cat TV; sadly, it attracted feral cats to use as a hunting ground. So we stopped feeding the birds. Now, we have a parakeet, Pedro, that keep the cats entertained when he’s out of that cage as I’m on guard duty!

  2. cat9984 says:

    We know exactly what you mean. Our mom won’t let us catch anything either. It’s all through the window. Oh well – a cat can dream. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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