Helping Cats Grieve: My Experience With Teddy and Mookie

When I lost Sammy to cancer a few months ago, it was difficult for me, but also for his brother’s Teddy and Mookie.   I have noticed a few changes in their behavior.


They have always been close, but I’m finding them together more often. It’s good to see them getting comfort from each other.


When Teddy sleeps, Mookie likes to be near.


They both have new beds, but Mookie prefers being in the same one as Teddy.  I don’t think Teddy likes the idea, but he doesn’t complain.

It’s important to keep the daily routine as normal as possible.  Any changes may cause stress.  It also helps to spend more time together, playing, grooming and snuggling.

Mookie is always ready for a snuggle and is eager to sit on my lap.  Teddy always kept to himself in the evenings, but now loves to sleep beside me on the sofa while I watch tv.

I’m doing a few things each day to keep them busy and happy.


Both cats love the porch, so I make sure they have time out there each day to watch the birds and squirrels.


I set aside time each evening to play ball with Teddy.  He’s so happy when he sees me picking the balls out of the toy box.  I throw the balls across the room and he chases them, then waits for me to throw them again.


I’ve heard that some cats lose their appetite when grieving, but mine are fine.  The only concern is with Teddy who has lost interest with the water bowl.  Sammy and Teddy used to sit together and drink.   I’m adding water to his meals until he gets back to the bowl.  Mookie loves the water, so I’m hoping Teddy will join him one day soon.

Teddy has always been the quiet one, but lately he is very vocal.  He wakes me up each morning by meowing loudly and won’t stop until I get out of bed and feed him breakfast.  He does little things to get my attention through the day.  I hear him meowing in the house and he won’t stop until I find him, then he wants a treat.

It’s only natural for the cats to grieve for their brother since they were together 15 years.  I’m helping them get over the loss by spending quality time with them and in return they are also helping me.

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25 thoughts on “Helping Cats Grieve: My Experience With Teddy and Mookie

  1. Léa says:

    A most difficult time for all and calls for sensitivity Like humans, felines grieve in their own time and it will take as long as it takes for each. When I put out the carrier and got ready to take Monsieur Balzac for his surgery, the two divas became quite unsettled and did not settle untill he was back home and they didn’t even get along at that point. Once anyone becomes part of the family, they are expected to be there as their abscence leaves a hole that is not easily filled.

  2. susieshy45 says:

    I know they sulk as I have experienced it when I return after a long trip. When at other times, he doesn’t show or pretends as if he doesn’t care, when I return after a long trip, he is all over me. They are difficult to understand but they have feelings too.

  3. sevenroses says:

    my cat lost her appetite when her sister died. she normally scolds to be fed and is always hungry. But for a few days she did not eat and was grieving. now she is fine and eats well. But at night she starts meowing a lot and running around rooms almost as if her dead sister is visiting! eerie but not worrying.

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  5. zodiacimmortal says:

    Correne Sorry to hear of you & Mookie & Teddy’s loss. Come July 2 will be a full year since I lost my Sully and I still miss her. At least the 3 of you can comfort one another. And yes never make changes in their routine as a BIG one was already made. Hugs and kitty cuddles to you all.

  6. sagebutterfly says:

    Thank you for sharing, dear Correne. They definitely grieve and just like two-leggeds, everyone has their own way of processing. I’ve lost so many over the last few years you sometimes wonder if your heart will recover… but I believe that most of the pain is the enlarging of the heart so that we can open to an even deeper, greater sense of love. And I trust that these connections live on forever. Many blessings to you and your dear kitties.

  7. Rohvannyn says:

    Good article. I remember when we lost Orion – his younger “sister” Nezumi took over his household duties. For instance, she took over the job of waking everyone up in the morning and leading them to bed at night. She also started making some of the sounds he used to make.

  8. Nora J Hamilton says:

    Rocky grieved terribly when Rosie was taken by the coyote. Soon after we had a big storm and he ran from door to door meowing until I opened it & showed him the storm outside. I realized he wanted us to let her in! We cried. Another day he saw a life size photo of her on the computer. Then when it was turned off, I found him trying to break into the computer monitor the way he used to break into cupboards. It was so painful. He lost half his body weight because he wouldn’t eat. He eventually recovered but it took over a year and we had to get another cat who would play with him. Oh yes they do grieve and it is so painful to watch because you know they don’t understand.

  9. Correne Sinclair says:

    That’s so sad. Some cats have such a difficult time with the loss. It makes you feel helpless and you wish they could understand. Glad to hear that he recovered and has another cat to keep him company.

  10. terrepruitt says:

    Correne – I came across this today. Sometimes I hate to comment and bring up the sadness, but I’d like you to know I am thinking about Sammy (and Mookie).

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