Freya & Renegade: Cat Treats to Good to Share!

Hi everyone,

It’s me little Freya here! Today we are trialing healthy cat treats from our friends at Blink! who make awesome cat food and treats. If you missed our previous review of their wet food you can find this here, plus we got a handy 10£ off voucher for their wet food subscription if you use KATZENWORLD10 (it’s case sensitive!).

Anyhow… on to our treat trial now. 😀

Freya: They do some awesome flavours such as Bangers & Mash!

Rennie: Did I hear… TREATS? Give it to me!

Freya: Argh… and there it goes… but I wanted to try it first. x.x

Freya: *Growls* Leave some to me!!!

Rennie: But you had one…

Freya: No… all I had was a bit of one… you ate the rest…

Freya: Thank you humans! At last I get to try one properly. <3

Rennie: But but… what about me!!!

Freya: Human! Don’t let him snatch my treat…

Rennie: I am just trying to help you look after your weight. ;o

Rennie: What are you doing now?

Freya: Well… this whole sharing business is not working out is it… so… I am taking matters into my own paws or should I say teeth.

Freya: Bye bye Rennie… I’ll have the treats somewhere quiet!

Rennie: WHAT! That’s cheating!!!

Freya: Not when it means I get to have my delicious treats. 😉 Anyway… we should probably tell our fellow felines humans where to get the treats right?

Rennie: Does that mean I have to share with more cats?

Freya: I am sure that our friends over at Blink! have plenty for all of us felines… soooo the treats are available at Tesco stalls and our own humans also have a few of these that people can get at the cat shows they attend.

Freya: And even better their wet food which we tried back in January is now available as handy subscription boxes via their website and if you use code KATZENWORLD10 (it’s case sensitive!) you’ll receive a whole £10 off your first box!

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Renegade the Flash
Her Meowjesty Queen Freya the Snow Leopard

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