Foxy in the Play-den

Since we converted this little attic room from a vivarium for our iguana into a play den for the cats, I have sometimes photographed them on the window sill. Every time I wonder what made me have the sloping walls painted bright yellow. I wanted a happy room for the cats to have fun, but it makes correcting colour casts in my photographs almost impossible. Not only that, but with the only natural light coming at an extreme angle through the tiny window, I also have to rely on a single fluorescent tube. Therefore I have two different sources of light giving yet more strange casts.

However, I couldn’t resist the other week when I spotted little Foxy sunbathing on the radiator shelf. Rushing downstairs to grab my camera, she was still in position when I returned a couple of minutes later. I turned the light on and let her settle for a moment before kneeling down between an assortment of toys and play tunnels. I took one test shot. She stayed put and so I shuffled a bit closer. She was clearly comfortable with the camera now and gave the most enormous yawn.

Over the next couple of minutes I was able to get a series of shots as can be seen above and below. The images still took a long time to process because of all the weird colours, but it is now a location that I’m happy to use for any future photo shoot. Now the days are getting longer, we get more sun in the room during the late afternoon and the warmth draws the cats inside like a magnet.

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