Infographic: Which Human Foods can my cat eat?

  • We all love treating our cats like babies, don’t we?

Don’t deny it!

And who can blame us? They are super cute, clumsy and cuddly just like little babies.

No matter how much you compare your cat to a human infant, your fluffy friend is still, well a CAT!

You need to treat it like one and stop feeding everything you get your hands on.

I’m not saying all kinds of human food is bad for them, it’s just that you need to be careful.

For your ease, I am sharing an infographic created by listing all the human foods that your cat can eat and the ones you should definitely avoid.

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14 thoughts on “Infographic: Which Human Foods can my cat eat?

  1. Léa says:

    Great post! Any well trained human knows that anything related to the kitchen must be investigated. We must be careful with the temptation to share. Some items on the various lists won’t be found here as the human is vegan. However, she is trained to keep the good cat food in supply as well as feline approved treats. Once a week there is a tin of salmon shared among the three felines. Sometimes it is replaced with tuna which is their favorite but no more than once a month. They do investigate what the human eats but salads and such don’t have the same appeal to one with a long tail… 😉 At least not the ones here.

  2. weggieboy says:

    My two are curious about what I eat, but never past establishing the human food isn’t for them! They get their cat food and treats, but aren’t encouraged to try even the acceptable human foods. Occasional grass and catnip are their only “salads”.

  3. Crystal says:

    Daisy Mae usually only sniffs human food. I don’t give her human food. Loved the infographic so much I shared it on LinkedIn. Thank You.

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    Great list of really important info! Luckily for us, our Gracie and Ava aren’t very interested in human food.

  5. zodiacimmortal says:

    Actually if your cat might want to have a piece of bacon break a piece or 2 off (or keep a strip to break pieces off as extra special treats)
    Milk a little bit. Sully always wanted some when mom had her coffee, mom would give her one or 2 teaspoons. Now when she asked mom for her Milk not sure if she climbed on her, but there was no ignoring her when I had cereal!

    Honestly I can understand if the cat wants a bit of milk, but sweet cereal milk!!! Cats are not supposed to like or be able to taste sweets so WHY did she like my cereal milk? (THis was the ONLY time she ever wanted milk from me was when I had my cereal bowl~! The little amount that would be left (just enough to cover the bottom a very thin layer) I would give her and she was like a kid in a candy shop.

    • Marc-André says:

      Interesting about the cereal milk. And if a cat continued to have milk from kitten age it may never have lost the ability to break down lactose. Us humans would actually also suffer from lactose intolerance if were to stop having milk at baby age.

      • zodiacimmortal says:

        Well when we got sully I think she was 4 months but I think she was taken from mama too early not sure but she thought she was a person. I had seen kitten formula in the pet store so we’d get it and give her a bit. As long as it’s not a lot and not often then they’ll be fine. Try a tablespoon first to see if they’ll b ok. But as for the feral milk you’ve got me on that I don’t remember her ever bugging me for normal milk. Oh as for vaxin she esp. Went wild for the applewood bacon wholefoods had here. The never purposely but us but that bacon she’d snack it and would sometimes get a finger with it.

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