Cats and Their Aquarium

Hi everyone,

Today I have some fun phot captions of my cats and their fish tank for you!

Ruby’s 17 lbs challenge the glass lid.
Gabby owns the tank. Light is warm on the belly.
Tom cleans while Gabby supervises.
A better view from atop the book case.
“Oh Cato, aren’t they tasty? I mean beautiful?”
Tom has a lot of cleaning equipment!
Mine, all mine.
Rachael Ikins
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14 thoughts on “Cats and Their Aquarium

  1. Authoress51 says:

    My cat, Tara, thought my first Beta was hers! Wrapping herself around the tank and watching as I cleaned.
    That’s a beautiful house behind all the cats and fish, too.

  2. Léa says:

    Oh dear, two of the felines here would want to play… Colette would have no interest but I forwarded to a friend with six felines and perhaps…

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