Purrsday Poetry: Portrait of a Cat – Star Sapphire

On ermine paws you softly glide to me,
Serenely gaze with aquamarine eyes;
What earthly sentience makes you oh so wise
That all my anguish you can somehow see?

Or is it rather from the gods that we
Have long forgotten that your senses rise?
You thing of gossamer and pale moonrise!
My cloud and lining: sea-eyed, bright and free!

So elegant and delicate and light
And gentle! Like veined marble! How your sides
Ripple with sinuous wavelets as you move
As smoothly as an angel always glides!

God’s messenger with nothing to reprove;
You leap more lightly than a dove in flight!

Written Feb 8, 2009 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

Image used for illustration purposes. Free image from pxhere.com
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