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If you are a catlover, there’s one place you must visit, which is Kuro Neko. Kuro Neko is a new hotspot, located in Kortrijk, Belgium. The two young owners decided to start a cat cafe wit lots of cute cats and they often keep adoption cats. Not only the cafe is really nice and cosy to sit in, but the cats are really playfull to. It’s kinda popular, so it isn’t alwasy easy to get in, but if you do, you will love it!

The seating area of the cafe starts behind a glass wall, where the cats are protected, so there’s no chance they could get on the street.  Before entering, the owners explain the house rules at the bar, which are perfectly  normal rules like don’t pull the talls or don’t feed the cats.  For drinks, you can choose the regular stuff like soda’s, tea’s and coffees but they also have beers and wines.

The cafe itself is really nice, which real catlovers wouldn’t spot I guess, because the cats are asking all the attention. The interior is sober, with wooden details and white and grey furniture. Normally, there are nine cats  and they’re all very young. All of them have names, which I obviously forgot. Alongside the wall, there’s this trail where the cats can walk on and there are many toys. There’s a huge scratching post where the cats can climb on to get on the trail. Another thing on the wall, are pictures of the different cats. I never saw all of them at once, so it’s always a surprise wich cats are there, every time you visit.

There’s one seat in the room, which apparently is the popular sitting spot. It’s like the cats are attracted to this seat or it could be because most of the toys are laying around it. They all play a lot with the different toys or they are laying on the pillows or the seat. If you’re lucky, they come sit next to you or jump on your lap or even on your table, so watch out for your drinks.

On the first flour, there’s this coworking space, where you can work or have meetings. The owners also give yoga classes, which obviously is with the cats.

Should you be interessted, you can always visit their facebook page or go to their instagram.

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10 thoughts on “Catcafe Kuro Neko

  1. DP & Blog says:

    My husband who is a huge cat lover, told me about the cat cafe, it is pretty unique and neat that they have those kind of pet friendly cafes. Those cats look so happy

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