Boo the Siberian

Boo is our 3 year old fluffy Siberian kitty. She has a stunning mackerel tabby coat and striking emerald eyes.

Along with her sister Smudge (the dog) she is the inspiration and chief taster behind Scrumbles, our natural pet food company.


Boo enjoys teasing Smudge and bedding on her Dad’s (me) shoulders.

In our house we all wake up when Boo wants us too. She quite happily comes to sit on your head or boop your nose if you haven’t woken up by the time, she’s ready for breakfast. She likes a fishy breakfast and this is her favourite, we created it especially for her.


We bought a cat flap so Boo can let herself out to the loo when she wants, and even though she knows exactly how to use it, she prefers to have it opened for her by hand, and will wait by the flap and meow profusely until someone opens it for her.

We wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Boo the Siberian

  1. Yvonne Shelton Crumpler says:

    Boo is my kind of cat. Beautiful, sweet cats are what make life fun and the love is worth all the quirks they have. Thank you for sharing.

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