The Once Shy Cat That Found her Forever Home

Hi everyone,

Today’s entry in our cartoon series is based on a true story! The mother of a friend of ours had just adopted a cat from a charity and it simply wasn’t going quite as expected.

She had already tried various tips around introductions for a new cat to her home and sadly it none of the things she tried had worked.

Hence why her daughter (our friend) got in touch with us for help and advice around what else could be tried!

As we had recently worked with Zylkene on a campaign around signs of stress in cats we quickly identified that the cat seemed more stressed than expected about her new surroundings.

We are glad that we still had some of the Zylkene capsules left at home from when we tried them with our four as it was very easy for our friend to mix these in with the liquid treats that the cat loved so much.

And of course even better that it worked and the cat has settled in purrfectly fine. 😀



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22 thoughts on “The Once Shy Cat That Found her Forever Home

  1. JMR-ART says:

    I have an 8 old year cat, coming from a refuge, passing 2-3 weeks before landing here with a friend who realized she has become allergic, now she’s with me…the cat not the friend..:) for almost 3 weeks now…it’s been hard for her….she’s very shy, but at least she did give me some ‘purring’, maybe one or two more weeks will do the work, at least now she’s not running away if I come slowly and try to pet her…:D

      • JMR-ART says:

        She is getting more acclimated now, she even slept in my bed last night…guess it is a good sign and she’s friendly even if still a bit unsecure, except when I am giving her food of course, I did a first post on my site when she did arrived, I can update this post if you like to show it, I would gladly do it!

  2. Léa says:

    It takes as long as it takes. Like humans, each is different and individuality must be respected. I promise, it is worth the wait.

  3. Charles Huss says:

    Some cats are just naturally stressed. We had one, Puck, that took a long time to come out of his shell but his brother, Tigger, was very friendly and outgoing. They grew up together under the same conditions but yet were so different.

    • Marc-André says:

      Yep! And a little extra help to at least be able to see her rather than hiding behind a boiler is always welcome. She is now much much happier

  4. The Hipster Kitties says:

    Charlee: “Our brother Dennis was on Zylkene once!”
    Chaplin: “It helped with his anxiety for a while, but Dennis had a lot of anxiety and eventually he had to move on to something else.”
    Charlee: “But that’s all part of managing a condition, I guess!”

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