Friday Art Cat: The Pencilled Kitten



The Pencilled Kitten

Sketch of a kitten in pencil on paper.  36x26cm.

Sometimes less is more…

Whenever I have a stand at cat shows with my friends the Katzenworld guys, this rather spare, quick sketch of mine gets a mention.  I think it’s something about the attitude or pose of the kitten which is appealing. 

What do you think ?  I’d be interested to read your comments.


Sara Day

I am an artist who makes work to commission of animals and people, while posting daily on Instagram.

Three cats live with me – Maine Coon Orlando, Bengal Pandora and black moggy Rio.

Instagram: @Sardine.Art

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45 thoughts on “Friday Art Cat: The Pencilled Kitten

  1. April King says:

    I love the feet! They’re kittenish in size, and the one over the name looks poised to lift–maybe for a quick cleaning? Thanks for sharing this!

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