Illustrating Cats. Cats I have known and Cats I would Like to Meet… 

I love cats. So much personality and such a range of characters, from curious stray cats who are nervous to get too close at first to pampered ones who visit from next door and expect a Royal welcome! They all have their own distinct cat attitudes and qualities. As an illustrator, I like to add as much character as possible into my work, I draw inspiration for my pen and ink felines from many places, including cats I have known and some I have yet to meet.

Some of the most memorable cats I have had the pleasure of knowing so far include the mysterious and scraggly black cat who would visit the garden of our first house regularly and watch me with interest from the top of the shed with pale eyes. Never coming too close, but seeming to enjoy the company regardless.

I once met a beautiful ginger Persian cat, huge and fluffy with magnificent round eyes whose unique meow greeting sounded more like a snarl. He was slightly angry looking thanks to his furry scowl and tabby stripes. But underneath it all was a real softie at heart.

The super confident and cuddly black and white cat who is sure he is a person (a very important one too) and commands attention loudly wherever he goes, he has his human companions well trained, but they don’t mind. He seems to wear a permanent smile.

Some of my cats are based on ones I would like to meet, I’ve always had a soft spot for Maine Coons, with their gloriously tufted ears and extra long tails and extra large paws, and who can resist the charms of a blue eyed Ragdoll or Birman or elegant Siamese? and last but definitely not least all the beautiful moggies too and their infinite personalities. So many cats, so little time, I look forward to meeting more soon…

I have a growing range of illustrated cats which are available as cat greeting cards, art prints and cat coasters from my Teeth and Claws shop, in the Cat section, all cats are designed and illustrated by Nicola L Robinson and made here in the UK

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