Tabatha visits Kiama!

This little kitty just loves to travel! Padding up mountains, cat bathing on the beach, drinking Catiptini in capital cities …yes! This kitty loves her life!

Hello everyone of Katzenworld! This is Tabatha from Tabatha’s Travels and I am Down Under for my latest travelling experiences! This small cat loves the land Down Under and I am having a great time meeting new people and living my little stuffed heart to the full!

Kat and I decided to take the train down the New South Wales coast to a little seaside town called Kiama 🙂

Kat and I LOVE being outdoors and especially walking by the sea so Kiama was purr-fect for us.

We started our day eating breakfast and enjoying milky drinks. Once we had finished Kat packed me in her rucksack and we caught the train from Sydney for our adventure to someplace new! The train journey itself was lovely. I poked my head out of Kats rucksack and was looking out of the window. I saw lots of light blue sky dark blue ocean and I could see how the greenery of the hilly coast met with the blue of the sky and ocean…The two hour journey passed in no time 🙂

When we left the train, the sun was beating down on my fur so I re-applied my sun cat protection spray and started on the Kiama adventure.

First, we visited the blow hole (no bad jokes purr-lease). As you walk along the coast of Kiama, you come across a hole that has formed in the rocks and when the tide comes in…whooooosssshh! The sea rises through the rock hole and it looks like a whale! 😀 How cool is that? Unfortunately the tide wasn’t in when I took my selfie but you can see the rock hole right here.

Then I padded further along the coastline (Kiama has miles and miles of it) to see and enjoy the stunning sceneries this NSW town has to offer. The coastline is so beautiful! I imagined everybody celebrating as I embarked on my journey to New Zealand in my little kitty oracle boat over the vast ocean. I imagined people waiting on the other side, a huge crowd with ‘Tabatha’ banners celebrating the first kitty to travel by boat to New Zealand from Australia…there are many a Catniptini….

You see? That is how beautiful Kiama is. Your imagination goes astray and you can forget reality for a while 🙂

The scenery was breathtaking and there is plenty to do! There are parks to sit and chat (or eat), lots of hills to hike so you can get a fantastic view of the coastline, rocks to explore, sea creatures and birds to see…it really is a stunning place. This kitty really enjoyed her time in Kiama 🙂

Thank you for reading my latest travel update, this small ball of fluff really appreciates it. I am on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too where you can follow my daily updates 🙂

Thank you everyone! Stay happy and keep travelling!

Your (lucky) travel blogging kitty, Tabatha (a.k.a Tabs) xxxxxxx

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