Making Light Work of Clearing up After our Kitty Quartet


With our little beauty Freya joining us recently, the fight against cat hair, litter, bits of food and now tiny pieces of chewed paper courtesy of QSL, has become a daily task. I’ve never been a big fan of vacuuming – all that hassle of dragging out the machine, unwinding that long cable and then finding a socket to plug it in (usually taking out a calming plug-in). Why can’t it be easier? I’ve tried mini cordless cleaners but found they were just about good enough to pick up a little bit spilt litter from the kitchen floor. So when out of the blue, someone got in touch and asked if I want to try out one of their cordless cleaner, of course I said yes!!! So here’s what happened when the Hoover H-Free HF18CPT 100 turned up…

As with any box that comes into our place – it’s subject to a full cat scan;

And any contents have to be inspected;


Now that the inspection iOS over we can get down to business.

One thing I’ve never liked about non-upright hoovers is the fact that you have to drag the motor behind you attached by a hose. Not so with this type of cleaner. The Hoover H-Free has a lightweight motor which is so light you can hold it with one hand even though the pole to the cleaning head is made of sturdy metal. You can see that it so easy to hold with the had on the floor taking some of the weight.

Unlike a lot of handheld cleaners, this model has a motorised head which means all the bits of liter and other dirt is agitated out of the carpet before being sucked up in to the tank.

Now, I’m probably not the only who hates cleaning the stairs. With our normal vacuum cleaner, I usually end up either tangling myself up with the power cord as I stretch to get the last few stairs or the cleaner topples off the landing onto my foot. With theis cordless, handheld Hoover, both of these oblems disappear. I found it easier to remove the long tube to connect the head to the body. The Hoover still had enough power in it’s battery to clean the stairs (this particulatar model can carry on working for up to 25 minutes on a full charge)

The HF18CPT 100 model comes with a Pet hair attachment as standard. And what better place to try this out than on one of our hair-covered scratch trees

One of my tests is to see how a cleaner copes with picking up spilt litter on the kitchen floor (I never seems to get out all when I use a dustpan and brush). The Hoover was able to make light work of rounding up all those wayward granules (you can turn the brush off for smooth floors).

One thing I particularly liked about this Hoover was the method of turning it on and off. There are two options, a trigger to keep pressed in and an actual on-off switch which gives you really good control at your finger tips.

One problem I always have with vacuum cleaner and cat hair (as well as Marc’s hair) is the fact that it gets wound up around the brush head. Looks like someone at Hoover realised this and designed a brush that can easily removed from the head.


So, I’ve had my ideas about cordless vacuum cleaners turned upside down. They do have enough power to clean carpets thoroughly. This Hoover model has a motorised brush (similar to an upright model – not air driven like some handheld models I’ve seen) so it has real agitating power to release dirt from carpets. With up to 25 minutes use, you get enough time to clean at least a couple of rooms (depending on the sizes). They are lightweight (theHF18CPT 100 weighing about a couple of kgs), and are really easy to use.

You can see the model here on the Hoover website.

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6 thoughts on “Making Light Work of Clearing up After our Kitty Quartet

  1. dancingpalmtrees says:

    I need this light weight vacuum cleaner as Sylvester is a Tuxedo cat hair shedding machine! Plus as I get older lifting and maneuvering the big heavy vacuum cleaner has become an Olympic challenge!

  2. RoseyToesMeows says:

    I’ve just had a quick look at the specs of this hoover, and it’s pretty impressive. I like the led lights on the brush head, and the fact that the battery is removable. Seems to be a good price too!

  3. Pamela Cummins says:

    Just wondering if the kitties ran away when you turned on the vacuum cleaner? I’ve been trying for years to get Merlin and Rhiannon to help with the cleaning, do you have any suggestions? They just won’t listen when I say, “Take your paw, paw and do this…” 🙂

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