Purrsday Poetry – Tripod Goes to Church


Tripod Goes to Church
Tripod is an amputee,
who lives behind our church.
He greets us as we come and go
and doesn’t ask for much.
No one seems to know exactly
why he is disabled,
but he doesn’t let it slow him down;
his speed is the stuff of fables.
Lately as the service ends
and the doors are opened wide
he strolls into the narthex
then runs all the way inside.
He takes a seat down at the front
and stares up at the altar.
Through closing words and closing hymn
his attention doesn’t falter.
He’s always there on Sunday.
He seems the most devout.
While sitting at the altar
no one wants to toss him out.
He’s really quite a charmer.
Folks are bringing him cat food.
The choir sings as he’s walking out,
God Will Take Care of You
So what happened to Tripod? He very abruptly stopped showing up at church and, as with any member who has been faithful and stops coming to services, the congregation was worried about him. Our minister, maybe going a bit above and beyond his duties, tried to find out the fate of our faithful cat.
It seems Tripod DID actually have a family that lived down the road and behind our church. The family relocated and, thankfully, took Tripod with them.
Putting an end to speculation about the fate of Tripod, our minister announced, “We can assume he’s going to another church.”
Photo not an actual photo of Tripod – Used for Illustration purposes
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17 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry – Tripod Goes to Church

  1. crystaleagle24 says:

    There was a stray cat where I used to live, he was Kara’s friend, but was cared for by lots of families around about. Then one family took him in. He still visited Kara but with a nicely brushed coat and a nice collar. Even after Kara died he still visited everyday. He was getting on in years by now, then suddenly he didn’t turn up. We feared the worst, but made enquires and found his family had moved and he’d gone with them.

  2. simon7banks says:

    I suppose it was like a cat noticing a human is watching a computer or TV screen: there must be something worth watching there.

    I once attended a poetry festival where one of the featured poets was an old Irish Catholic priest working in Manchester (UK). One of his poems told the story of when he arrived at his new parish and found a rather odd grave in the churchyard. On inquiring, he was told that belonged to the church cat, who had died at a great age after giving excellent service to the church. The young priest had been placed in an awkward position since “theologically speaking, Jesus didn’t die for cats”. That “theologically speaking” was spoken with a wealth of side-meanings.

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