Friendships Between Cats and Humans

Cats can be wonderful friends for humans, if there is some level of mutual understanding and acceptance between human and cat. There are two lovely cats in my life who know what to expect from me, and I know some of the things I can expect from them. I noticed how much easier it was to get a cat on my lap if I didn`t force it, I had to make it interesting for the cat.

Being present with a cat is magical, because they don`t have to come to you, they do so because they want to. I guess that goes for many other animals we keep as pets, but there`s something extra special about cats. After all, it`s the only animal which can not be “tamed”.

I think cats can pretend to be tamed, and try to please their owner to get treats for instance, but then do forbidden things when the owner is out. 😉

What are your thoughts and experiences with your own cats?

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16 thoughts on “Friendships Between Cats and Humans

  1. catherine lingg says:

    I disagree somewhat. My cats have little halos. I train my cats. Nothing gets clawed, I have glass nic nacs everywhere, holiday decorations. The occasional clawing of a throw rug, no big deal. They listen, they obey, they love me and they are my life

  2. franhunne4u says:

    Cats cannot be tamed? I beg to disagree.
    I got two semi-feral barncats 2006, which slept on my bed a few days after they arrived. Tamed? Absolutely.
    And when after the death of one of those two I got another one to keep my tom company, she was feral. For seven months she absolutely avoided me. Hiding and running away when I came to close to her hide-out. Then after 7 months she decided she had had enough – and wanted to be petted and be a “normal” house-cat. Sits next to me right now, gives herself a good wash. I am allowed to pet her belly. Tamed? Absolutely.

    When I put up my Christmas tree, she is tempted by the baubles. I say a serious NO. That is enough. She does not bother the ornaments. She does not climb up into the tree. Tamed. An indoor only cat for over seven years now. Well worth the 7 months wait.

      • franhunne4u says:

        Not really and yes, totally. Both should mainly be trained by positive encouragement (works fastest) and both need consequence on the human side. But dogs are more eager to learn, while a cat only has a short attention span.

  3. BellaDharma's LadyMum says:

    I think every one of my cats has had a bit of ‘wild’ left in them…which is fine by me. I find cats to be their own little furry people & independent….some more than others. My newest cat BellaDharma is 6 yrs old & has been adopted & returned so many times…she was not properly socialized. I make allowances for her that I didn’t have to make for previous cats. Each one has been unique & a joy in their own ways to be with.
    Cats are fabulous! Thank you Bohemian for a great little post!
    Sherri-Ellen now owned by BellaDharma 😉

  4. RoseyToesMeows says:

    Interesting post. Here are my thoughts: I think dogs will also “try to please their owner to get treats for instance, but then do forbidden things when the owner is out” – if you watch any hidden camera clips on YouTube, there’re lots of video of dogs getting onto furniture, helping themselves to food, tearing things apart etc when the owner is out.

    Some of these type of behaviours in any pet are due to boredom or similar issues, because the owner is not providing the right environment and stimulus for their pet/s. I believe behaviour in any species is rarely ‘naughty’ without reason, cheeky yes, but not naughty. We are usually the cause of any naughtiness, and should look at what we could do to prevent that behaviour happening eg providing plenty of scratching areas for cats.

    Oh, and cats can be both tamed and trained in my opinion. I have two of mine now who will shake paws for a treat. Yes, they do it because they have a treat afterwards, but that’s because I believe in using reward based training for any animal.

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  6. simon7banks says:

    Cats are naturally more independent than dogs. Dogs are recently descended from wolves, which are pack animals. Dogs commonly treat their humans as pack leader. Domestic cats are much more recently descended from wild cats, which are by nature solitary except for a mother and kittens. That doesn’t mean that cats can’t adapt to join in complex societies with other cats, dogs, humans and so on; but they don’t have the same loyalty to the pack leader impulse hard-wired. That independence appeals to many cat owners. Obviously some behaviour can be taught in various ways: for example, cats easily recognise a stern or cross tone of voice or a soft and affectionate one. A stern “NOW, NOW!” instantly stops inter-cat trouble in my house! But I wouldn’t want to discourage my cats from behaviour which is merely a slight nuisance and I value spontaneous behaviour more than that which is bought by treats. I did not teach my cat Suzy to wait for me when I’m out and greet me on my return, but she does that (and then often promptly goes out, reassured that I’m back safe and well and able to give food).

    As for cats being the only animals (among pets, presumably) that can’t be tamed – I gather the character of ferrets is quite similar.

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