How to play your human, CAT Style!

Paws up who actually gets what they want, when they want it!? Are your humans slow at getting you your treats and making your food?

Well, this is what you do.

When my human goes to sleep, I ensure that I give her a few hours sleep before I meow, super cutely that she has no choice but to get up and give me a treat. I start at her feet meowing and work my way upto her head! Then if I cant get her up I pounce on her! That always does the trick!

I do this about twice a night. My human is super gullible to actually wake up just for me! I wake her about 01:00 to 02:00 for a treat, then about 04:00 I wake her for my breakfast.

During the day we have to plan our treat times. Its an unfortunate thing we must do as kitties, as, our humans will simply not give us our treats! For this, I meow, dance and paw my mum. Sometimes she has the nerve to say that shes ‘busy’! I even sit on her laptop! I refuse to move! I will move, when I have my treat…

When things get real tough I create a big noise, I will flick my litter everywhere, I will meow louder and dance for longer. When mum goes to get me a treat I ensure that I am touching her, then give a lovely purr just to tell her that she did the right thing.

Its really all about timing! When my human goes to leave the house, I ensure I sit by the front door and don’t move! As soon as humans go to their shoes you know they are going out. That’s your chance to sit by the front door! This means she will struggle to open the door because you’re laying by it! I only move once I have been presented with my treats!

I am a indoor kitty with a lovely catio (cat run), and I go out on my leash. When I want to go out, I get my leash and place it on the floor or I will meow and meow at the door to be let out. It works like a charm!

I’m a indoor cat for a good reason, there’s poor kitties being killed at the moment and we have major roads. I grew up in a 1st floor flat and have no concept of danger on the road. So, I’m kept safe from that.

When my mum gets back home from where ever she has been, I lay on the floor and purr. I am apparently extremely cute that I deserve a treat!

You have to play into the hand of your humans! Use those lovely eyes, meow, purr and dance if you can.

Lately mum has cut the length of treat I have so, its only one stick a day that I receive, but least I am still getting them!

The diet I’m on, I’m currently winning! I refused to eat the food presented to me on the 2/3rd day! It got crusty (its wet food) so, mum binned it. She donated the rest of the diet food to a lovely cat charity. I’m back on my normal food, but mum said shes not giving up and has another brand of diet wet food on its way.

She said its the last type of diet wet food she’s aware of and if, I don’t like it then she doesn’t quite know what to do nor does the vet!

I hope I do like it but if, I don’t the treatment will happen again, I will simply not eat the food till it goes bad and mum has to throw it away.

I told mum in my meows that she doesn’t need to worry, I’m not gaining weight but just staying the same but I’m just slightly larger than I should be.

Mums trying at least! I’m getting my exercise but I am not the average small cat I’m actually taller than a Jack Russell.

For now, mum is in my paws and under my paws!

Who else has the humans in their paws and what stories can you tell?

If anyone knows any other diet brands (wet food) apart from Hills, Royal Canin and the one shes collecting soon called Purina Pro Plan then let us know in the comments!

Twitter = @HoudiniDancing

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23 thoughts on “How to play your human, CAT Style!

  1. franhunne4u says:

    If you are about the size of a Jack Russell Terrier, you should be given some leeway on the weight-front. My late tom was allowed 6,5 kg (about 13 pounds, a little more) and had 7,5 kg while he was healthy … It was only when he detoriated because of a kidney disease that he lost weight.

  2. simon7banks says:

    Suzy the cat writes: I’m a little bit above this thing about treats. Yes, I like them and I do very nicely by getting my human to give me normal food when he’s in the kitchen, taking a tiny amount and then looking meaningfully at him. Once I’ve got some treats, I can then go on and eat the rest of the food.

    I cut my human some slack on food so that I can make sure he opens doors and windows for me. I’m not an indoor cat, but I’m happy just patrolling my territory, which means out the front door, round to three houses down where you can get round the side and into the back alley, then into my garden and back in through the cat-flap, or of course, the other way around (if my human’s in, he’s trained to let me in through the front window). My special trick is to get him to let me in at the front, walk straight through the house and order him to open the back door for me so I can go straight out.

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