Things My Cats Do that Make Me Laugh

Let us know which of these your cats do! 🙂

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  1. Standing on my headboard and then staring into my face when I’m waking up.
  2. When I realise I have to get up and do some work and my cat decides to sit on me and immediately falls into a deep slumber so I can’t move from the spot for one business day.
  3. When I’m lying in bed and realise I need to pee really badly and my cats decide this is the best time to go prancing all over my body, even on my bladder.
  4. Rubbing their wet nose on my face when I’m trying to get just five more minutes of sleep in the morning.
  5. Wanting to come inside my room the moment I lock them out even when they were the ones who decided to go out in the first place.
  6. Trying to catch houseflies and mosquitoes in flight.
  7. Trying to catch houseflies and mosquitoes in flight and failing miserably by falling flat on their little faces.
  8. Trying to open the doors of any wardrobe they come across.
  9. Getting their claws stuck on clothes inside a half-open wardrobe and going into a panic but when they realise I’ve noticed, suddenly acting like they meant to be doing that the whole time.
  10. Using my luggage as scratching posts when perfectly acceptable scratching posts are available.
  11. Eating their food so fast that it looks like they’re inhaling it.
  12. When their sneezes make them go flying at least six inches back.
  13. When they try to pull off a prison break when I lock them in their carriers for a much-needed trip to the vet.
  14. When they have a cold and end up sneezing and little snot bubbles pop out.
  15. When I tell them I love them and they hit me on the face.
  16. Their offended expressions when I boop them on the nose.
  17. Sniffing my shoes and clothes all over after I’ve come back home.
  18. Licking my deodorant when I’m not looking and then gagging at the taste.
  19. Their love for eating potato skins and boiled potatoes.
  20. When I catch them napping on the dining table.
  21. When I catch them doing something they’re not supposed to and they think I can’t see them when they duck behind an empty plastic Coca Cola bottle.
  22. When they hang out on my shoe rack, smushing my favourite shoes with their little butts.
  23. When they use my laundry pile and the stuff on my table as obstacle courses.
  24. When they try to investigate the inside of my shoes and get their head stuck in there.
  25. When their favourite spot to hangout for ages is my weighing scale.
  26. Attacking any box that is closed but the moment they’re given an empty box to play with, they decide it’s not worth their time.
  27. How they suddenly get really clingy when we’re at the vet but the moment we get home, they don’t want anything to do with me until mealtime comes around again.
  28. How they like to stop me reading by sitting on my book/ phone/ iPad/ Kindle/ laptop.
  29. How whenever I get comfortable on a chair, they decide they need to sit on my lap.
  30. How when they’re sitting on my lap, I don’t have permission to move a muscle until they wake up from their nap in three hours.

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16 thoughts on “Things My Cats Do that Make Me Laugh

  1. dancingpalmtrees says:

    A few days ago my cat Sylvester was sleeping but his paws were moving quickly as though he was Chasing
    Something or playing with an imaginary toy.
    I wonder what he was dreaming about?

    • simon7banks says:

      Yes, most cats seem to do that. It looks like they’re dreaming of chasing something and pawing it. Makes sense. As for the long list, 18 and 19 definitely not. All the stuff about staring in my face and snuggling up at the wrong time sounds familiar, but with my current cat Suzie she definitely knows what the alarm clock means. If she’s on the bed, she reacts by hurrying up to cuddle, but she knows after a moment or two I’ll move and she doesn’t protest. It’s like just getting a spot more cuddling because she knows I’m moving.

      A former cat got up on shelving high above the bed and then jumped down right on to my stomach. Ooooof!

      • dancingpalmtrees says:

        Whoa! I’ve had previous cats who would paw smack me in the face if I didn’t get up after my alarm went off. Thankfully Sylvester will just meow until I go to the kitchen and open the can of cat food.

  2. erinthecatprincess says:

    Those are all excellent, and a few I can and will add to my list of things to try. I could definitely add a few about Mrs H. But she laughs at me when the live mouse I brought home and play with in the bath decides to attack ME! I don’t find that funny at all, do you?
    Toodle pips and purrs

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  4. floridaborne says:

    These made me laugh and/or nod my head a vigorous YES!

    My 20 pound coon cat does #30 to me every night. He waits until I’m almost ready to go ti sleep — it’s like he has an internal radar. My Tiny Terror does #6, but with butterflies and not flies or mosquitoes. Other Brother Coon Cat does #28.

    Great list. 🙂

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  6. helentastic67 says:

    My new furbs y is literally “climbing the walls” I can’t tell if she doesnt know how to use the scratching post or she wants up?! Damn cats! How we love them! Cheers,H

  7. zodiacimmortal says:

    OMG!!! 2 of My AUnt’s cats ‘Fly’ after the flies. So entertaining I usually end up missing most of what is on tv.
    My father taught Sully how to open a door to get in our rooms or get out… LMAo She’d go in the bathroom with him in there and the door would be a ‘little’ too open.

    #10 My aunt’s cat Kitty Does but I don’t think she’s actually scratching it but just putting her scent on it.
    We had a friend that had a cat named Flash that would eat cantaloupe veggies while Sully would just lick the juice out of the cantaloupe and chew/play with leafy greens.

    but the one thing that puts me into hysterical laughter is when the cats forget to put their tongues back in their heads

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